Sacrifice in the Name of God: 5 Ways That You Can Fast During the Lent Season

The Lent season is here again. This is a familiar holy time for many Christians around the globe, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. It’s a sacred season marked by reflection, prayer, and preparation before the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

During this Holy season, one often hears the phrase, “what would you give up for Lent.” It’s because this is the time when Christians replicate the sacrifice of Christ. We are called to fast, pray, and give alms to people who are in need. Many people who observe the Lent season also abstain from sin and worldly pleasures.

Fasting during Lent doesn’t only mean refraining from overeating. It also means giving up the things that stand in the way between God and us. So, here are some ways that you can fast during this sacred and holy season.

Fast from Selfishness


As many people say, it’s better to give than to receive. The Christian spirit is all about giving and thinking about other people’s situations. Generosity towards other people is much-needed in this time when we only think of ourselves always.

Not only during Lent, but we must be generous, thoughtful, and charitable towards our fellow humans every day. Remember that Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to save us. Who are we to not also sacrifice ourselves for other people? So, we must abstain from selfishness, and always see to it that we put the needs of others all the time.

Fast from Complaining

Complaining is a sign that you’re not content with what God provides you at the moment. Of course, this is like a disease that gnaws at the heart of all of us. Most of the time, we blame other people for what’s lacking around us. We nag and complain every day, and this attitude is toxic and unbecoming for us Christians.

Look for wisdom in the passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If there’s a problem, be the solution. We must contribute to what’s good, instead of always complaining.

Fast from Gossip


Gossip is the work of the Devil. It’s like a poison that ruins not only us who peddle the gossip but also the one who is the subject of our gossip. Don’t think of this evil activity as something fun and enjoyable.

In this time, when it’s easy to smear someone’s reputation through gossip, let’s make a sacrifice by abstaining from it. Let’s refrain from talking behind the back of our fellows and from throwing shade at people we don’t like on social media. Let’s stop filling our hearts with hate and bitterness.

Instead, we must love one another as God loves us. We must see the goodness in the hearts of everybody, and we must not judge others because only God can judge us. Be brave enough to look at your own shortcomings before you speak ill of others’. You can visit sites  to learn more about the importance of abstaining from gossip.

Fast from Busyness

Lentitudo means slowing down in Latin. By the origins of the world ‘lent’ alone, we are reminded that we should abstain from keeping ourselves busy. Working too much and rushing around to keep things done are the characteristics of people nowadays. But the thing is that being busy distracts us from what’s essential in life.

For instance, busyness keeps us from spending time with our family and praying to God. So, during this Lent season, we should focus on the things that are important to us. Let’s refrain from rushing around, and we must find beauty in taking time to appreciate each moment. Be still, and let God work in your life.

Fast from Noise


There’s too much noise around us nowadays. Not only external noise but also the noise that disturbs our hearts and minds. If we want to seek the presence of God, we should learn how to keep silent and stay away from the noise.

As such, we must give up music during the duration of this sacred season. We must turn off the noise that fills our hearts and minds. Let God’s voice be the only sound that you’ll hear this Lent.


The Lent season is a holy time marked by reflection, prayers, and sacrifice. In this season, we must renew our relationship with God and keep in mind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

We must follow the ways of Jesus Christ and give up the unnecessary things that serve as obstacles to our relationship with God. We must learn that God alone is everything.

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