A Look Back at Human Depravity and the Turn Away From the Divine Realm

Black holes, fires, and a world war: how well has 2019 aged? And how far have we come from the wells of divine wisdom?

A Look Back at 2019

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2019 was a great year for many things and for many people. Humanity’s biggest “classified” achievement was capturing a picture of a black hole. The second of the Voyagers that were sent into space and finally pushed out of the heliosphere last year, venturing into interstellar space, following in the footsteps of Voyager 1. Scientists revealed the discovery of the planet K2-18b, an exo-planet where they believe alien life may exist.

While the revelation of these monumental human achievements is certainly a cause for cheer, the year wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Scientists announced one breakthrough after the other from their isolated laboratories and space stations, but the conditions here on Earth were . . . unenviable to say the least.

Recent events are still unfolding in Australia: the wildfires that began in 2019 have carried on well through to 2023, and have resulted in the deaths of many, many animals.

The year began with a shooting in a mosque in New Zealand and a Church bombing in Sri Lanka, and then later, a shooting in a Synagogue in San Diego—houses of God, where people had gathered for prayer and reflection. The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Brazil’s prized Amazon forest will never be the same.

Unfortunately, the New Year began with a New Fear: another push towards a Third World War.

Are We Moving Away from the Divine Realm?

We have been moving away from the divine realm collectively for a long time now. For many, its effects are perhaps more noticeable now. If one looks at some of the major disastrous events of 2019, once again, it may be the fires that stand out.

From France to Australia, the world appears to be burning. There were similarly destructive, fires in many locations including the fire in Woolsey, California, in 2018. The fire consumed everything on Paramount Ranch, leaving nothing but a lone church standing. Many truth seekers wondered back then if it was a divine sign—and it perhaps was.

The church, a symbol of the divine for many, stood alone and erect, as a reminder that just because hell is raised down here, there’s still the Creator or God among us. In addition to being a sign, it was also a warning: a warning that dark forces are also among us, threatening to end all that is human and all that is good.

The warning took less than a year to materialize. But while the church in California survived, some of the 2019 church shooting victims did not. Is it a mere coincidence that a church, a synagogue, and a mosque were all the epicenters of bloodshed and violence in 2019?

The Silver Lining in All This Mess

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If you’re looking for hope in such dark and depressing times, it still can be found. Twice before, in more recent history, we have fallen full-fledged into the dark abyss of world-wide war and concurrent democide of untold millions. Those were dark times, when the face of this planet was scarred by the doings of dark forces and the world powers ravaged each other thinking perhaps that there are winners in any global conflict.

What we may have forgot was that there are bigger powers than them and that there’s a bigger power than all of them, that’s still part of the human existence. The apparent powers that be seem to be making the same mistake again.
But the so-called “powerful” and those in “authority” might be blinded in their greed for power and their nonchalant attitude towards “collateral damage” today.

More people came out after the recent fiasco to protest the movement towards war than what many had seen back in the day. We must not forget that Hitler was once praised as a visionary, and the Iraq War was fought over the false claims of non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

It wasn’t before the full effects of the war with Vietnam began to be felt that people came out against the prospect of war. This time, many people were quick to learn from the past mistakes. Most global critics and analysts want to campaign for peace, and people are protesting in Capitol Hill, demonstrating their desire for “no war with Iran.”

Could There be Better Explanations for These Trying Times

While for most people, these bigger and larger goals might translate into the usurping of Iran’s oil and of prompting a regime change as has been the modus operandi in the Middle East, there remains questions that no one seems to be asking. Why is there this overarching desire to send the world spiraling down into chaos and confusion?

Why are we moving toward war again when we have seen its consequences so many times before? Why are so many people in power silent over this dangerous escalation? And most importantly: who benefits from this?

If the whole world is sent clamoring for war who wins? Certainly not humans. War is almost always created through machinations and manipulations, to make way for other nefarious forces, who wish to disrupt and destroy. And while many humans might be gullible enough to be led astray by the arguments for war, thinking they need to put on shows of power, entities wait in the shadows, ready to pounce to make a bad situation even worse.

The Way Forward

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It’s no secret that humankind has moved perilously away from the divine realm, from the divine path and from everything divine. Leadership and those who follow in stupidity, threaten to destroy all that is good on this planet. And the culprit is not readily apparent to most of us.

Some will blame a complete lack of altruism, the complete dismissal of human lives, the utter lack of regard for our purpose in this world. Perhaps the cause of mayhem and destruction has a better explanation?

The hope is that there are truth seekers among us who know that through wisdom, enlightenment and most importantly: healing, attempts to maximize human potential, and a return to the Creator’s circle of influence, the world might be saved.

Could that be true?

It was no coincidence that a mosque, a church, and a synagogue fell victim to erratic human bloodlust within the same year. There is a great risk to humanity—but this too can be healed. The events of 2019 could be seen as grave warnings: that truth seekers and the faithful from all corners of the world need to come together to heal the evil beings that are causing this mess.

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