First Communion Invitations – All You need to know

Communion ceremony is also known as Lord’s Supper. It is one of the most precious times for a believer when his life is all about giving thanks to Jesus Christ, sacrifice, and remembrance of God. A communion is a shared event that occurs with the presence of fellow believers. So, make sure you have your friends and family with you is an absolute must. So, make sure to send out catholic first communion invitations to those who have helped your child in their spiritual and religious development.
In some catholic churches, it is also known as the Eucharist.

This terminology refers to showing gratitude for the elements you have been bestowed with. By sending out catholic confirmation invitations, you can also call out prominent believers in your circle who have a secure spiritual connection.

The easy way to start honoring the Eucharist begins by explaining to your child the reason for your Mass. For example, the day you go to Mass tell your child how you are going to be with Jesus in a unique way and to receive Him in your body. If you go to Mass during the week, tell your child that you often go to Mass to receive Jesus even more. Encourage their excitement about it! When you start your one-hour post before Mass, announce to your child what you are doing and invite them to participate in fasting with you. Explain to him the reason for fasting, so that you prepare yourself spiritually and physically to receive Jesus into your body.

When you leave the bench after Mass is over, walk with your child to the Tabernacle. So, your child will learn that Jesus is present in the Eucharist and that He rests in the Tabernacle until the next Mass.
However, you need to prepare a lot for the communion. So, here’s a short guide on what to do and what not to do while preparing for the fellowship:

Model Reverence and Focus on Sacrament During First Holy Communion

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Preparing for holy communion can be stressful if relatives and friends are gathering, outfits are being designed or invitations being sent out. Anything could go wrong, but you hope it does not.

Of all the gestures, actions, decisions, operations, and movements in human life, the greatest (without any comparison) is the reception of Jesus, the Lord, and God, into the deepest parts of the soul in the most significant sacrament of all: holy communion. No one in the world can compare Holy Communion with any other created reality. Although looking back on this, the entire created universe, stars, planets, immense oceans, and high mountains and starry heavens like all fish in the seas and animals inhabiting the earth cannot be equal to any holy communion.

Why this is, so the reason is simple but very exalted: Holy Communion is God Himself. Holy Communion is not an abstract symbol as non-Catholic religions claim. You cannot separate Holy Communion from God Himself. God is the descent of all that exists and the meaning of our existence! God created each one of us out of love to love him in this life, as well as to be with him and love him forever in beautiful heaven.

Your main aim is not to get caught up in clothes, first holy communion invitations, or the on-going fuss. Think of it like a typical and happy day so that you can focus on the spectacle of the day.
If your child’s communion is coming up, remind him that God is happy with him and that he is receiving his first communion and catholic confirmation simultaneously.

Invitations for First Communion

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It is totally up to you. You can either send out first holy communion invitations or leave them. However, if you do send them to the guests, they should be customary and meaningful. Sending out invitation cards would save you the hassle and fanatic calls for time, venue, address, and parking.

But make sure that the invitation card theme that you use should reflect the occasion’s religious solemnity. After arranging a date at your church for First Communion, choosing a restaurant where they will celebrate after the ceremony, music, you can throw in making invitations. You can also create invitations yourself. If you need more ideas, Pinterest is a real treasure trove! Building it yourself requires a lot of time and patience, but you will make it with your own hands, and most likely save it. You can check out Basic Invite for some ideas and inspiration.

Here are some things to include in the invitation:

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● Date of the holy first communion ceremony.
● Address and the full name of the parish.
● Location of parking if the parking space overflows.
● Ceremony commencement time.
● Sacred first communion after-party time.
● For headcount, gather as many RSVPs as possible.

It would be best to invite people just 4 or 6 weeks before the ceremony. It would give the guests enough margins to prepare themselves for the communion.

Also invited people will have enough time to tell if they will come or be prevented from attending the organized celebration.
The most important thing is that the invitations should be clearly and briefly written so that all guests understand who receives Holy Communion, when and at what time. If you want the request to be unique and you want to keep it in memory, write it in a specific font, let it be exciting colors, and you can put a picture of your child on the front of the invitation. What is the second most crucial thing of the day is to relax because everything will go well, and enjoy the most important holy day for your child.
We hope that this text has helped you and that you will be able to successfully organize your child’s first communion, make great invitations and enjoy the wonderful celebration with your loved ones. And do not forget this is the most momentous day in your child’s life.

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