6 Bible Verses To Keep You Motivated In Life

Life is a big roller coaster ride in which the turn of events is unexpected. It differs from person to human. And what makes it highly unpredictable is that it comes uniquely to every person. Given that, others’ advice depending on their experiences may not be suitable to what you are experiencing right now. We … Read more

Personal and Bespoke Religious Ceremonies

Where do we in the UK find a fitting way to celebrate a birth, marriage, or life well lived with a ceremony if we don’t fit into any of the belief boxes? Our family who was born at the start of the last century may well have been the last generation to have a church … Read more

Sacrifice in the Name of God: 5 Ways That You Can Fast During the Lent Season

The Lent season is here again. This is a familiar holy time for many Christians around the globe, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. It’s a sacred season marked by reflection, prayer, and preparation before the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. During this Holy season, one … Read more