Pope Francis on Education

Pope Francis has always been a big proponent of education. The pope himself is educated at Jesuit schools and has been teaching theology, philosophy, literature, and psychology at various schools and universities. Recently speaking with students and teachers from Italian and Albanian Jesuit schools in Rome, the pope emphasized the importance of education. Most of … Read more

9 Unexpected Academic Degrees Different Popes Had Throughout History

No one doubts the fact that the Catholic Church keeps lots of secrets. Throughout centuries, the influence its leaders had on monarchs and emperors made its name closely associated with power and mystery. Of course, this was skillfully used by movie makers and book authors. Dan Brown and other bestselling writers couldn’t refrain from adding … Read more

Celebrities Who Met the Pope

It is not uncommon for the Pope to meet with politicians, religious figures, and other prominent world leaders, however, it seems like the Pontiff has added meeting celebrities and athletes on his extremely busy agenda. There is no way to tell whether or not these meetings deeply resonate within these people who so many look … Read more

Why do popes wear red shoes?

Throughout history, the mysteries and stories about the Vatican and popes that resided there have been spreading, and we could always hear new ones. Among the various stories about the popes from the Vatican, we can also hear the ones about the papal shoes that are red. Papal shoes Many people remember Pope John Paul … Read more