Pope Francis about the Abortion

The cultures of the world are divided about abortion, and how it is or it is not ethical to do. There are still nations where abortion is forbidden, and recently some states in the U.S.A. also put in order law about forbidding the abortion. The Catholic church is also known for saying that abortion should … Read more

Pope Francis Global Academy

What is it? Pope Francis Global Academy is an academic center of high excellence. It is an exciting and faith-filled place that has a strong and well-rounded curriculum. The students who attend it are highly valued and all of them feel at home while studying at Pope Francis. On the other hand, the teachers who … Read more

Pope Francis Facts

The Pope is arguably one of the most recognizable people on the planet, and since he is the Catholic Church leader, the Pope is the epitome of goodness and holiness as the God’s vicar on Earth. The current one is Pope Francis, whom most people know as the guy who travels in a silly white … Read more

Pope Francis Climate Change

Recently, Pope Francis stated that finance ministers of the wealthiest countries in the world have the responsibility of preventing harmful measures that damage the climate, which was adopted by their respective countries. He stated this on the Pontifical Academy of Sciences` Sustainable Development Goals. He described climate change as a problem of the highest priority … Read more