Celebrities Who Met the Pope

It is not uncommon for the Pope to meet with politicians, religious figures, and other prominent world leaders, however, it seems like the Pontiff has added meeting celebrities and athletes on his extremely busy agenda. There is no way to tell whether or not these meetings deeply resonate within these people who so many look … Read more

Why is the Pope called the Holy See?

Specific things that are related to the Vatican and the Catholic church have specific terms and names. But some of them are difficult to explain, or people just don’t know what they mean. And people often confuse some terms with the other. They think some things mean something that they don’t. One of those terms … Read more

Why is the Vatican sacred?

The Vatican is one of the most unique places in the world due to the fact that it is a city-state that is governed and ruled by the monarch that is also a religious leader of millions of people. This city-state is also the center of the Roman Catholic Church, which makes it the place … Read more

Is the Pope President of Vatican City?

Vatican City is the smallest independent city- country in the world. It is located inside a 2-mile border with Italy on the 100 acres. Vatican City is an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head, with its money, prints, stamps, passports and license plates. It also has its own flag and anthem. At the … Read more