Is the Pope President of Vatican City?

Vatican City is the smallest independent city- country in the world. It is located inside a 2-mile border with Italy on the 100 acres. Vatican City is an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head, with its money, prints, stamps, passports and license plates. It also has its own flag and anthem. At the head of the Vatican City is the pope who is elected in the Conclave (special elections), with the help of all the cardinal electors below the age of 80, in the locked Sistine Chapel.

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The Roman Catholic Church central government is the Holy See, with its legal personality that allows to send and receive diplomatic representatives. The term The State of Vatican City is not equal with the Holy See, it is recognized as a sovereign territory but does not receive diplomatic visits, and does not participate in international affairs. All the judicial power of government comes from the office of the Pope, and he has organs which act in his name.

The official title for the Pope is ex officio sovereign of the Vatican City State since 1929, and he acts through the organ and person called President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State. His title is ex officio President of the Governorate and head of government of Vatican. The Pope chooses the President for a five-year term, but it can also be removed by the pope at any time of the term.

So, the answer of the question is the Pope president of Vatican City is no, but the elected president reports all matters to the Secretariat of State. Vatican City is a member of Eutelsat, CEPT, International Grains Council, Intelsat, ITU, and UPU, but it does not have diplomatic relations. The international affairs are done by the Holy See.

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When it comes to Italy where is located in Vatican City, the legal systems of the two countries are different. The pope’s judicial authority is only done through the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. The country has a population of only a few hundred, but it had 18 million tourists every year. Vatican City is a very popular destination if you are traveling to Rome because tourists want to see all the treasures, paintings, and sculptures inside this city-state.

The internal administration of Vatican City is divided by many officials named by the Pope. In the first place, there is The Supreme Pontiff, a sovereign of Vatican City State which has legislative, executive, and judicial powers for Vatican City. There is the unicameral Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State which has legislative authority delegated by the pope since 1939. The Pontifical Commission for Vatican City is composed of seven Cardinals chosen by the pope for five-year terms. The President of this official body is the cardinal, who is also President of the Governorate of Vatican City. He has two assistants: A Secretary General and a Vice Secretary General. They are also chosen by the pope for the term of five years. The official bodies under the Governorate manage the issues as communications with media, internal security, fire protection, and the Vatican Museum.

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When it comes to the security of the state and the police force, we have to make a difference, the Corpo della Gendarmeria is the police force of the Vatican City, and Pontifical Swiss Guard is the security organ of the Holy See. Pontifical Swiss Guards are very popular among the tourists, they are dress in the colorful uniforms, and pledge to the pope in their mother tongue, the German language.

If you are visiting Rome, you should definitely go the Vatican City, and see the great artworks, sculptures, architecture, and treasures that are held inside the walls of Vatican City.

The pope is not the president of Vatican City but he is asked for everything.

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