How Reading the Bible Can Change Your Outlook on Life in 2023

It’s not easy to have negative or critical thoughts. But, for some people, negativity has a seemingly inescapable grip on their lives. When you let this thing rule over your being, you’ll always look at life as if you’re wearing a pair of dark-tinted sunglasses at night in the forest — all in front of you is pitch dark, without a glimpse of light.

However, with God, there’s always hope in your dark world. All you have to do is to believe in Him and let Him control your life. Sites like can help you better understand the wisdom and love of God, or you can read the Bible itself every day for some guidance in your life. Here’s how reading the Bible can give you a positive outlook on life.

It Will Help You Focus on What’s Important


Most of the time, we’re so busy that we take for granted the most important things in life, such as taking care of our family, loving our friends and neighbors, and worshipping God. Losing your focus on what’s important can cause us frustration, stress, and worries.

If you think you’re losing your focus, you should find time to read the Bible. The words of God can give you direction to pursue the things that matter most in life. In this way, your life in this world will have a purpose, and your heart will be filled with happiness. Let God accompany you in your daily endeavors.

You’ll Know That God Has Plans for You

Negative thoughts are born out of our forgetfulness of God’s plans for us. At present, you may wonder what God’s plans for your life are. But, you should always keep in mind that He doesn’t reveal to you right away the good things that are for you. If He reveals His master plan right now, what do you need God for?

That’s why there’s faith, which is the bridge that connects us to God. You may not know for now what His plans are for you, your faith will keep you in contact with Him, and you’ll see that you’re alright in His hands.

It Will Help You Gain New Insight on Your Struggles


Daily readings of the Bible will help you understand and cope with the problems that you’re dealing with at this moment. You’ll see them as a challenge that God put you through to strengthen your faith.

If you read the Old Testament, you’ll come upon the story of the Israelites. The Israelites disobeyed God. You’ll see how this disobedience caused a heavy burden on their lives. But the love of God soon forgives the Israelites as long as they keep His words to their heart.

So, when you have problems, assess yourself if you’re true to the Word of God and ask for forgiveness for the sins you’ve done. Always take to heart the great lessons from the Bible to help you clear your mind about the struggles you’re going through right now.

The Bible Lets You Know That Despite the World, God Is On Your Side

One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible that will help you have a positive outlook on life is the story of Joseph. Joseph is the son of Jacob and Rachel. He was a favored son by his parents, which led to the jealousy of his brothers. Then, his jealous brothers sold Jacob to slavery due to the bitterness they felt for their brother.

But, despite the trials he suffered, God didn’t leave Jacob’s side. God even put forth blessings to the man and made him the second-in-command in Egypt. When Jacob later met his brothers, he said to them that whatever bad things they’ve done to him, the Holy Father turned them into good things.

As the second-in-command over all of Egypt, Joseph had done wonderful things to the people. And, due to his exceptional leadership, God spared Joseph’s family from a great famine. This story of Joseph serves as a reminder that despite the world, God will always be there for you if you trust in Him.

It Will Help You Make Better Decisions


When our choices align with the will of God, we will be happier and more satisfied with our lives. Reading the Bible helps us understand God’s will for this world. And with this understanding, our thoughts will be more positive and godly, and our actions will benefit the greater good.

That’s why we should always consult the Bible for the important decisions in our lives. Take time to read it every day for some wisdom and guidance.


We should always put God in our hearts and minds. If you want to have a positive perspective on life, consult the wise words of Jesus Christ written on the Bible. For sure, it will clear away your worries and frustrations. And it will fill your heart with love and happiness.

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