Rules of Conduct in a Catholic Church and a list of Things to Take With You

A Catholic church is a special place reserved for prayer and encounter with God; respectful behaviors that correspond to the place must be observed. The house of worship is not a place of entertainment, so it is advisable to remember how, both adults and young people and children should behave. Because of its religious and … Read more

What are the Greatest Troubles that Theology Students are Facing in College in 2010?

Religion in campus is a unique and valuable resource for those individuals whose interest is on advancing their knowledge of religion. Theology students are usually taught and trained on how to live according to the church’s beliefs, which entails doing what is right and keeping away from the things that may harm their faith. Conversely, … Read more

Ways to Become a Better Christian in 2023

It may not feel like it, but the year 2023 is almost in the books. And what a strange year it has been! Nothing like an unforeseen disease spreading across the entire globe to remind you how important the Lord Jesus Christ is to you and your family. While we are still several months away … Read more