What are the Greatest Troubles that Theology Students are Facing in College in 2010?

Religion in campus is a unique and valuable resource for those individuals whose interest is on advancing their knowledge of religion. Theology students are usually taught and trained on how to live according to the church’s beliefs, which entails doing what is right and keeping away from the things that may harm their faith. Conversely, is the environment created in colleges conducive for theology students to practice what they are taught? The answer solely depends on you. However, for the interest of this article, the answer will be a no. This is because colleges and other higher learning institutions are plummeting into moral decay as religious beliefs are pushed away in the current generation. Most learning institutions do not uphold the development of Christian thinkers and the importance of religious education.  But services like  thesisgeek.com can give students a lot of information about Christianity. College life is filled with so many activities and times; you might find yourself missing out on some of the most important things. Students struggling to complete their theology assignments can always seek assistance from essay writing companies such as Peachy Essay. The following are the most significant troubles that theology students are facing in college.

1. Sexual purity

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With all the fun and excitement surrounding college life, it is very easy for an individual to engage in activities that do not uphold sexual purity. It would be best if you were very careful about the friends you spend most of your time with, since they may convince you into believing that something is right while your religion prohibits it. Rather than listening to the rumors surrounding college life, you can pursue your sexual purity, but you need to make it your priority. You also need to have a support system such as your local church, be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and, if possible, a campus Christian ministry. Your friend or the hype surrounding college life might ensnare you into sexual sin, which will be difficult to extricate yourself. As you strive to abide by the teachings of the Bible, you should have an open mind that God with bring a special person into your life at the right time. You might have heard from your colleagues that as long as an individual is a Christian, they may proceed into marrying any person of their choice. However, the truth is that you should always have faith in God’s providence in all areas of your life and more so in finding the right spouse or dating.

2. The pressure to abide by the biblical commitments

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In recent years, one of the issues that have gained a lot of attention is in regard to human sexuality and gender. Unfortunately, these issues are becoming more rampant. In the current generation, campus religious leaders need to develop more ways of tackling complex issues in relation to pornography, homosexuality, and transgender as well as to care for the LGBT community while still upholding the Christianity perspectives. With all the freedom that is found in college, it is not unusual to find a student abused by his or her fellow course mates. On the same note, an individual is likely to suffer from depression since no one is making a follow up on how they are progressing in life. When individuals are taught how to think critically and approach situations with an open mind, they will have the ability to deal with an antagonistic environment thoughtfully. Life and events do not always turn out the way a person wants. At times, while in college, you may end up disappointed because of the things you hear from your friends. Regardless of what you go through, as a theology student, always believe in God’s providence.

3. Relationship anxiety

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Love is a beautiful thing, and whereas some people find their life partners while in college, theology students are made into believing that they should wait for God’s timing. An individual experiences a terrible feeling when all their friends are dating and have to wait for the right time, according to the Bible’s teachings. It is difficult to wait for the perfect time when all the people surrounding you are involved in a series of relationships, engaged or even married. However, the best advice is not to do something because your friends are doing it. Do not be in a hurry to go into a relationship because of peer pressure or relationship anxiety. Although human beings were created in such a way that they crave to create relationships with other people, we should not do it to aggravate our loneliness.

4. Religious, Doubt, and Confusion

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In the current generation, every person is interpreting spiritual books according to their own understanding. It is not clear who or what to believe. With the advancement in information sources, it is normal for the highly intelligent college scholars to explore the various challenges in relation to faith logically and with an open mind. It is even worse when students with finite minds struggle to find answers to complex questions. College students go through diverse experiences, most of which are not pleasant. As a result, it is difficult to convince them to have faith, whereas they feel confused with the whole notion of religion. College religious leaders should strive to educate theology students so that they will have a strong religious foundation to the extent that they can also make their fellow students change their behavior or develop optimistic personality traits.

While in college, you should always be careful not to do something because of your friends’ influence. You also need to be careful of those who interpret the Bible readings since most of them do it out of their malicious desires. Although an individual might have grown up in a Christian family, the lecture might comment on something during a class session that may rattle your faith. In such cases, you should never let something negative ruin your focus. You may either choose to block those comments from entering your brain or seek advice from a religious leader.

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