5 Authentic Christian Gifts You Can Buy

Buying gifts is a highly specific occasion and a very subjective thing. It literally depends on both the person you are buying the gift for and yourself. Some people are good at it and some struggle no matter who is the person of the hour. In order to help yourself and always buy the right … Read more

What are the Greatest Troubles that Theology Students are Facing in College in 2010?

Religion in campus is a unique and valuable resource for those individuals whose interest is on advancing their knowledge of religion. Theology students are usually taught and trained on how to live according to the church’s beliefs, which entails doing what is right and keeping away from the things that may harm their faith. Conversely, … Read more

How We Should Interpret the Bible

Scholars have been studying the Bible for many centuries and it seems that there are still some hidden messages that yet have to be discovered. People turn to it in times of great sorrow to find comfort and share the hope with others, but also during a period of happiness and joy. However, everyone interprets … Read more