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So small, yet so powerful – a motto we can freely bind to the Vatican. How the holy father stands, it is well known to us all, but these things are not exactly.

Pope, Basilica of St. Peter, the Vatican Museums – these are all things that come to mind when we talk about the smallest state in the world – the Vatican. But what about those less well known? What about the love of wine, rail, and more?
Vatican residents drink more wine than anyone else in the world. The Vatican has the highest consumption of this beverage, so every resident drink 54.26 liters. The reason for such a significant expenditure is not that the drunkards live here, but the wine is regularly used at religious ceremonies.

The highest number of tourists per capita in the world. After consuming the wine, here’s something else that puts the Vatican at the top. No wonder very few people live in the Vatican, and it is a place of immense culture and history. For example, more than five and a half million people visit the Vatican Museums alone.

The Swiss Guard is in charge of ‘guarding’ the Pope. It houses about 135 Swiss soldiers who have been keeping an eye on the Pope for 510 years. To enter the Guard, you must meet several conditions: possess Swiss citizenship, be more than 174 cm, 19 to 30 years old, and Catholic.

More of these interesting facts you can learn in travel books about the Vatican and find out on writepaperfor.me. In the interesting list below, you can learn about the seven best travel books about the Vatican.

1. Lonely Planet Rome (City Guide)

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Lonely Planet: The World’s Leading Travel Guide is known to be a publisher, and it’s no wonder this book is on our list. Whether traveling to Rome or just the Vatican, it is a must-read. Without twisting and surrounding, you will read the best recommendations here, what to see and what to skip. A book like this will save you a lot of money because you will only pay for those tickets that are worth the visit.

2. Visiting the Vatican [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

If you want to read first hand all about the Vatican, this is a book for you written by the wife of a Swiss Guard. She also wrote, edited the Pope’s newspaper “L’Osservatore Romano,” and lived here for ten years. Here you are described in detail how to pack, where to stay, and where to eat. Also, you can read what the best time to visit the Vatican is. This book invites you to an unobtrusive way to get to know the home inside the Vatican walls of a Swiss Guard woman.

3. Rick Steves Rome 2023 (Rick Steves Travel Guide)

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Find out what all roads say to Rome! Meet one of the oldest and largest cities in the world during the Old Age. Take a stroll through the Forum, the streets walked by Roman emperors, and climb Palatine Hill to see the remains of their palaces. Visit the center of Rome with its beautiful squares and fountains, the Spanish Staircase and the Pantheon – the only antique building on European soil covered in a dome. Head to the other side of the Tiber River and visit the smallest state in the world – the Vatican, with a large museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel. And try Roman pasta!

4. DK Eyewitness Rome: 2023 (Travel Guide)

In ancient times, all the roads were fanciful from the capital of the Roman Empire. Rome, or Eternal City, was known as caput Mundi – the capital of the world. He governed the empire extending from Gaul and Spain in the west to Egypt and Asia Minor in the east.
Our guide will introduce you to this capital of the world. Not only was Rome a mecca of art during the Renaissance and a prime destination for wealthy world travelers on their “Grand Tour” in the 19th century, but above all, it retained cosmopolitan influence as the center of Christianity and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

5. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Rome (Travel Guide) 2023

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This travel guide is the annual book travel guide with the top 10 sightseeing you must visit in this beautiful city. The location of the town is closer to the carefree south of Italy than the bustling north. Yet Rome is not a city of stagnation. Throughout the 27 centuries of its existence, it has witnessed the birth and decline of various empires, the arrivals, and departures of popes and emperors, the flourishing and weakening of artistic movements. Even as a modern European city, Rome does not live off its old glory, but is actively fulfilling the role of a modern political and business center as it seeks to preserve its unique cultural heritage.

6. Glam Italia! 101 Fabulous Things to Do in Rome

A guide designed for as many adventure hunters as first-class travelers – perfect for every trip and pocket! It is easy to use and fits easily into any bag. Be sure to experience the best in the city of art, excellent cuisine and wine, beautiful shops, and lavish architecture. Discover the most beautiful places in the Vatican, the most attractive shops, the most significant Roman artists and their works, museums, and galleries. You have to visit areas of the best fun for your children, the most pleasant restaurants in all parts of the city, the most comfortable hotels for everyone’s pocket and much more in one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful metropolises.

7. Fodor’s Rome (Full-color Travel Guide)

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This book guide will help you make the most of your stay in Rome with the least practical difficulty. Carefully researched information and tips on hotels, shops, and markets, restaurants, and cafes, sports activities and entertainment are here. The book provides tips from locals as well as detailed city maps, so you don’t get lost.

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