The Rich Symbolism in Christian Art

Symbols have always been an important part of Christian art. Centuries ago, especially in times of persecution, secret signs were used to help people pass on their faith and the habits of a faithful life. Today, symbols remind believers of God’s will, teach biblical truths, and memorialize God’s divine nature. In this day of popularization … Read more

Personal and Bespoke Religious Ceremonies

Where do we in the UK find a fitting way to celebrate a birth, marriage, or life well lived with a ceremony if we don’t fit into any of the belief boxes? Our family who was born at the start of the last century may well have been the last generation to have a church … Read more

Important Things You Must Know About The Catholic Church & The Catholic Faith

The Church aims to create more followers of Jesus, is not guided by doctrines, believes in the trinity, and has answers to global problems Roman Catholics are one of the largest branches of Christianity. The Catholic Church is the biggest in the Christian faith and holds significant importance in this beautiful religion. The Church has … Read more