Was the Catholic Church the First Church?

The first church in the world began in AD 30 or 33 in Jerusalem. The very first church was under the leadership of the apostles Peter and John, and later James. It was then when Jewish followers of Jesus met in the temple courts in Jerusalem, with other Jewish worshippers. Hence, the first church building … Read more

Why is the Pope called the Holy See?

Specific things that are related to the Vatican and the Catholic church have specific terms and names. But some of them are difficult to explain, or people just don’t know what they mean. And people often confuse some terms with the other. They think some things mean something that they don’t. One of those terms … Read more

How Did the Swiss Guard Start?

Switzerland was not always as wealthy as it is today. In medieval times, people from Switzerland usually went outside of the country to find a job because of the Land of Banks, in that time, was a poor country. In that time, 500 years ago, Swiss mercenaries were well-known soldiers, so the Catholic church decides … Read more

A Chronological List of All Popes

If you’ve been wondering who was the first pope of the Catholic Church and how many popes have there been, we’ve got your back. We decided to list all Roman Catholic popes throughout the years. To make things more organized, we ordered the list chronologically. So, you will learn the name of each pope and … Read more