Rules of Conduct in a Catholic Church and a list of Things to Take With You

A Catholic church is a special place reserved for prayer and encounter with God; respectful behaviors that correspond to the place must be observed. The house of worship is not a place of entertainment, so it is advisable to remember how, both adults and young people and children should behave.

Because of its religious and solemn purpose, there are only a few things that you are allowed to bring when entering the cathedral and attend the mass or any special gatherings like communion or baptism of a child.
Lists of things you can bring upon entering the Catholic church

  • Christian Bible
  • Rosary
  • Gifts (for the priest if you want to give)
  • Some writing materials if you want to take note of some scriptures
  • Water or any drink (but must be done discretely)

If you are looking to buy these items, especially the bible and the rosary, you can visit There are not many things you can bring inside the building except for your personal things like a mobile phone that should be kept silent while inside the building.

How to behave inside the Catholic church

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  • Dress properly. With the way you dress, express that you recognize where you are and who you are presenting yourself to. Going for a walk, party or funeral are activities that require different outfits, so does going to church, not doing so, will make others call it “out of place.” Your suit is a sign of respect, informality should not lead to attend with mini-shorts or any revealing dress.
  • Turn off your phone before entering. It is unfortunate to listen to the phone bells and observe the people who without blush answering them and speaking during Mass. If you’re aware of an urgent call, you’d better not come in. Cell phones should never be used in Mass to make calls or send text messages. It is possible to answer an emergency call, but outside the temple. On the other hand, it is possible to use the phone for spiritual readings or prayers, although it should be discreet.
  • Keep quiet. You are inside the place of gathering and prayer. Leave the conversations outside before entering the building.
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  • Children. Consider the age of the little ones to take them. Children under the age of five still do not understand the meaning of the activity so it is not easy to keep them crying, screaming, racing, and movement that could interrupt concentration and distract others. Older children need to be made aware of what the place means. If parents want them to grow in faith, they should teach them what this entails and what they are going to do. Parents should be more attentive to the behavior of children so that they do not interrupt the gathering, meditation, and concentration of others. It is not right to scold them in the middle of the ceremony and also not to let them play with each other generating noise and discomfort. In any case, it is preferable that you take the children to the masses specially scheduled for them. If you have a child or baby, you can sit near an exit in the face of any setbacks.
  • It is the responsibility of those who attend, to take care of the furniture and other implements of the church that, with great effort have been achieved with the contribution of all. Therefore, scratching or writing on benches is a reprehensible act.
  • Do not bring pets, leave them at home, or any place where someone could take care of them. The building is not a space to bring dogs or cats and let them roam the place.
  • Participate in prayers; attending mass is not just a matter of complying with a precept, it is an opportunity to thank, reflect, and draw near to your God.
  • Take advantage of those few minutes to pray and confirm your beliefs. Attend with joy and come out with enthusiasm and a greater commitment to your fellowmen and to yourself, the main commitment of each one is to make this world that we receive a better place for all.
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  • No eating or drinking during the mass. Exceptions would be some drink for young children or milk for infants, water for the priest or for choir members (discreetly), and for the sick.
  • Bringing a sandwich or any type of food is not appropriate, because the temple is a place of prayer and reflection. No chewing gum. Doing so breaks with fasting, a distraction occurs, is rude in a formal environment, and does not help in prayer.
  • Do not wear a hat. While this is a cultural norm, it must be met. Just as we take off our hats when an oath is taken, it must still be done in the church as a sign of respect.
  • Getting holy with holy water as you enter and leave the temple. This is a reminder of Baptism, a sacrament by which we are reborn to divine life and are made children of God and members of the Church. It is necessary to be fully aware of what happens when it is sanctified, and it must be done by saying a prayer.
  • Arrive a few minutes before the start of Mass. If for some reason you can’t get there on time, it’s advisable to sit in the back so as not to disturb others. Getting to Mass early allows you to pray and better prepare to receive Christ.
  • Kneeling toward the Sanctuary as you enter and leave the temple. By allowing our knees to touch the floor, it is recognized that Christ is God. If someone is physically incapable of doing the genuflexión, then a gesture of reverence is enough. During Mass, if you pass in front of the altar or tabernacle, you must bow your head with reverence.
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  • Remain silent during the celebration. Silence must be kept at the temple. If you have to talk, do it quietly and briefly.
  • Remember that having a conversation can annoy someone who is praying. Wait for Mass to end. We must remain at Mass until the final blessing. Remember that one of the commandments of the Church is to hear mass whole on Sundays and feasts to keep. It is a good habit, though not required, to offer a prayer of thanksgiving after the celebration. Finally, the exit should be silent so as not to disturb others who wish to remain in the temple praying.

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