5 Ways Bible Verses Can Inspire You To Live A Better Life

The Bible means something different to each and every one of us, and we each walk away with something a little different. Religion aside, the Bible is an enlightening source of wisdom, especially when related to our everyday life.

We can use the Bible and apply its scriptures to our various life challenges. You can choose to use these holy verses either to walk the path of a better Christian soul or to simply inspire yourself to live a better life. Here are 5 ways in which Bible verses can inspire you to lead a better life.

1. Learn To Stay Strong No Matter The Challenge

We are often faced with dire challenges, and struggle to overcome them due to our mental inability to hold ourselves together. There are several verses in the Bible that we can go through if we are trying to hold ourselves together after a major turmoil.

One such verse is Joshua 1:9, this is one such verse in which God has assured his loyal worshiper Joshua; that he can stand strong. This was amidst incinerating circumstances, and overwhelming challenges.

As per the context of this excerpt; it was at the time of Moses’s death in which Jehovah had directed Joshua to lead the glorious nation of Israel.

This was the time at which the Israeli people were poised to make their way into Canaan – the promised land! Although the Canaanites were stronger in terms of military and were known for their wicked ideologies, under the tutelage of Jehovah, Joshua was able to lead them to a stunning victory.

This is just one of the many Bible verses you can take away inspiration from!

2. Don’t Stress About Tomorrow Just Live In The Now!

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When we bring our attention over to Matthew 6:34, we can begin to embrace this invaluable life lesson. It is just a way of saying, we need not be anxious about what comes next, but rather focus on what is in front of us.

No! This does not mean stop planning for the future, and that was most definitely not the intention of this verse.

This was a lesson preached by Jesus himself, as it was a part of his famous Sermon on the Mount. In a way, this was a lesson meant to educate us about how all that undue anxiety is not helping us in any way whatsoever.

It was to explain how God cares for every living being on Earth, be it the flora and fauna, or human civilization, as he will always be there to protect those who faithfully serve him.

3. The World Around You Is Not An Excuse For Your Actions

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As stated by John 2:15-17, it is about time to stop being molded by the system of things! This system refers to the very world around us. This means you must learn to reject the negative influence that seems to follow you around like a shadow.

Humanity has built a society based on its own standards, morals, and ethics. It is a world governed by free will and people who sometimes lack fundamental standards and rudimentary goodwill.

This has inevitably been known to push forth an unknown pressure on the human mind, one that has been prone to be influenced by this world. This was a chapter meant to explain the offerings of God as practical counsel.

4. Respect Your Parents

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This is something we ought to be doing anyway, and it is something children of today should be taught!

The teaching in which one was told to respect their parents is found in Exodus 20:12.

When we take a deeper look here we can see that God had not only instructed children to obey their parents but had given an incentive as well.

By obeying their parents, children were to live a longer life and may even be bestowed the gift of immortality (Timothy 4:8; 6:18,19). Children were to respect their creators – their parents!

Respecting this not only makes you a better Christian, but it also makes you a better person!

5. Have Faith And Believe In The Best

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There is a point at which faith and belief cross swords! Faith is not just something that makes you feel good but rather it is something that gives your firm confidence. When you hold onto faith you are not only hanging onto God, but you are also able to keep yourself going.

This is a concept currently under Hebrews 11:1. This was a verse delivered to us through the Bible Book of Hebrews. In fact, this book is a letter written by Paul, the apostle.

Through this one learns, not only the art of faith but also the power of belief. It is this that helps you remain optimistic throughout the course of your life.

Faith in this context was with regards to God, but even if you are seeking inspiration from a neural standpoint you stand to learn a lot. For instance, you can consider it a twist of fate that will bring forth your success.

Summing It Up

The Bible is not something that you whip out every Sunday at church, but rather it is a guide, a mentor, and a way of life. The holy verses within the Bible are not just for religious readings. Bible verses have been known to inspire people to lead better lives.

This, in fact, tends to inspire a way of life in which one can understand how one must lead an exemplary life. Taking the words of the verses to the heart can indeed go a long way in the progression of your life! Through this, one can understand that the Bible is not just some religious scripture.

It is rather something that can be taken as a self-help book for ways in which we can aim for a better life. All in all, the Bible is not just something for religious purposes, but also a source of inspiration, and a way to help you live a better life!

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