7 Tips to Live a God-Centred Life after Marriage

Your faith doesn’t have to get compromised after your marriage. Likewise, your marriage shouldn’t be a constraint to your faith. Conversely, you should be open to new ideas of faith (within the lines of your comfort) post your marriage.
Many people struggle with upholding their faith after they tie-up their lives with their spouse. Be it for their busy schedule or other commitments and priorities, or due to the difference in belief with their spouses, many find it difficult to live a God-centred life once they walk down the aisle. But, as someone rightfully said, where there is a will, there is away. Today, we bring before you some of the easy and manageable tips based on our research of relationship sites like Dating Blush. You can apply these in your life to ensure that you continue to live a God-centred life even after your marriage.

How to Live a God-Centred Life Once You Get Married?

Before we begin, we just want to parlay the information that faith can take varied forms and we do not promote one single religion or system of faith. The following tips are mere examples to help you restore and uphold a God-centred life. Therefore, feel free to mold them in accordance with the faith that you follow. With that being said, let us learn about these tips now.

1. Adopt the Idea of Giving than Receiving

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First and foremost, you need to remember that you can’t treat your marriage like a business. This is especially true if you want to add the touch of faith in your marriage. This means that this whole idea of taking turns, keeping a track of who is giving more, who is giving less, who is doing more work, and who is doing less work, among others, has to go.

The best way to approach a marriage is with a value-giving mindset. By focusing on giving value, you naturally inspire your partner to give back to you. This is how you maintain your value as a marriage partner for life. Learn more about what it means to be a woman of value or a man of value by reading the work of The Feminine Woman.

Open yourself to the idea of unconditional love if you want to find the element of faith in your marriage. This is because love isn’t about self-seeking. When you truly love someone, you can’t keep a checklist of who is giving more and receiving less. In other words, find Jesus with the help of unconditional love in your marriage. At the end of the day, a Christianity-centred marriage is built upon the idea of sacrificial love.

2. Cultivate Trust through Friendship

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Spousal relationships can be complicated, to say the least. You would notice that most of the times, it is easier to have your point across to your best friend than your spouse. Have you wondered why?

This is because when it comes to friendship, you are usually not gung-ho about taking control or fighting for gaining authority. Therefore, cultivate friendship with your spouse as it will help in bringing the relaxation in the way you communicate with them.

A relaxed mind and sense of communication will be the gateway for living a God-centred life after marriage as your mind will be calm and more open to different ideas of reception.

3. Imbibe a Humble Attitude

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God resides in the heart of those who have a gentle demeanour and a humble attitude. Instead of constantly thinking about self-preservation, you need to search for opportunities that will better serve your partner and Jesus.

We know that it is difficult to serve your partner when you fight with them. It is almost an inner battle. But somehow, you need to find it in your heart, that too much pride can be the reason for the downfall. So, be humble and gentle in your approach because that is how Christianity envisions you to be.

4. Don’t Ignore the Value of Intimacy

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One of the crucial mistakes that many married people make is that they give away any form of intimacy because they think that it is a hindrance in their way to reach Jesus.

But in reality, God has created intimacy since it helps people in marriages to grow together. The special bond that you share with your spouse will, in fact, help you get clarity in understanding how faith works. It will also help you maintain a more balanced life, which is an important element of faith.

5. Be Easy to Forgive

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God never promotes holding grudges. This is more important in the context of marriage since there will be trying times where both you and your spouse will probably lose patience and do or say something regretful to each other.
At those times, practice forgiveness. It won’t be easy, but you need to try. Jesus teaches us that sinners can only be saved through grace. And even though our bodies are capable of mean words and bad attitudes, you can’t enter the territory of spiritual warfare. This will only lead to a situation where you will continue to fester and that might cost you your marriage.

6. Keep Hope Alive

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In your search for God in your marriage, you cannot let despair kill your hope.

Hope is the mountain that you need to climb to reach Jesus. Things and events will happen in your marriage that will disappoint you but you can’t let it kill your hope.

Together with your spouse, you need to treasure your hope in Christianity more than in any materialist material. Remember, Jesus will never disappoint you.

7. Bring Jesus at the Center of Your Marriage

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Finally, the most pivotal pillar in a God-centred marriage lies in the exact words that it is represented by.

Metaphorically, Jesus should be a central figurehead in your marriage.

Therefore, you and your spouse should hold each other accountable to Jesus. Your purpose should be to serve Jesus in your marriage alongside serving each other. This will be a slow process, we don’t deny that. But, take baby steps and remember that failure is okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Faith is fluid. As a result, you don’t need to be too rigid or fixated that you are unable to bring Jesus to the central point of your marriage. Learn to accept the fact that it is only human to make mistakes and you aren’t immune from that. So, permit yourself to fall, and then rise. This is the mark of a true believer and a true patron of Jesus; and when you do it together with your spouse, its power becomes all the more significant.

Following the aforementioned tips will help you get closer to the idea of a God-centred marriage, and your passion towards both Jesus and your spouse will intensify and grow stronger.

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