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Pope Francis Climate Change

by Stafannel b. Morris

Recently, Pope Francis stated that finance ministers of the wealthiest countries in the world have the responsibility of preventing harmful measures that damage the climate, which was adopted by their respective countries. He stated this on Pontifical Academy of Sciences` Sustainable Development Goals. He described climate changes as a problem of the highest priority for humanity.

Wealth is More Important than People

Furthermore, Pope Francis said that we are living in a time when wealth is more important than human health and lives. Also, he said that all countries need to come up with a common plan for this serious issue. Plus, he reminded ministers that they are obliged to respect the goals they agreed on Paris Climate Agreement COP21.

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Humans are the Problem

Mainly, Pope Francis talked about humanity`s role in climate change, and he called every person to follow an example, which will ultimately lead to the improvement of this dangerous situation humanity came into. He said that humans mistreated our home, planet earth, in the last two centuries. All everyday action is affecting our environment.

The Signs Are Not Good

Later in his speech, the Roman Bishop stated that the signs are not good and that “humanity needs to do all it can to prevent the tragic outcome”. He cited the world`s biggest experts for the environment and said that their message was pretty clear and that we should listen to them more carefully than we did earlier.


The Holy Father called on ministers to fulfill a few goals:
– Wealth is important, but it is not necessary
– World`s dependency on fossil fuels should be ended
– The invention of new, safe, and clean energy that will not harm the nature
– The change of countries sources of wealth, in order to prevent the planet`s destruction
– Promotion of human dignity and survival as an ultimate goal

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Unification of Catholics

Recently Pope Francis called 1.2 billion Catholics to fights against climate change. Pope Francis said that people`s fight against climate changes is a moral question and that all of humanity needs to stand against it. As we said earlier, he reminded people on the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and that it needs to be respected in order humanity to survive the upcoming dangers of the climate change.

Pope Francis and Greta Thunberg

In April, Pope Francis met with sixteen-year-old climate change Greta Thunberg in Rome. They met at Pope`s weekly audience in Peter`s Square. He encouraged her and thanked her for her activism. It was stated later that young Greta requested a meeting with the Pope. She thanked him for his commitment to his work on the defense of creation.

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Climate Change Facts

– In 2015, 31,000 people died in Wales and England due to climate changing laws, which increased the cost of home heating.
– In Ireland, one-third of the elderly population are faced with choosing between food and home heating.
– In Europe, people are forced to warm their homes by burning books.

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