7 Tips to Live a God-Centred Life after Marriage

Your faith doesn’t have to get compromised after your marriage. Likewise, your marriage shouldn’t be a constraint to your faith. Conversely, you should be open to new ideas of faith (within the lines of your comfort) post your marriage. Many people struggle with upholding their faith after they tie-up their lives with their spouse. Be … Read more

The Origin Of Wearing Catholic Religious Jewelry

Catholic jewelry is and always will be popular. Partly to thank for that is the long roots and solid foundation that history has provided. Namely, by simply looking at history we can learn more about the origin of wearing such jewelry. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this article, so buckle up. Early … Read more

Funeral Traditions in the Catholic Church

All the religions that exist in today’s world have different beliefs and traditions. People do not understand very well how rich planet Earth is because of that. In each part of the world, you will hear different beliefs about death and different funeral rites. We all need to strive to meet different cultures and religions … Read more

The most Visited religious Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a global metropolis, with the mosaic of cultures from around the world has settled in this city. For centuries, this city has welcomed a myriad of religions across the globe. LA’s most historic and famous buildings are houses of worship. Read on for landmark 10 religious places and temples in Los Angeles. … Read more