The most Visited religious Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a global metropolis, with the mosaic of cultures from around the world has settled in this city. For centuries, this city has welcomed a myriad of religions across the globe. LA’s most historic and famous buildings are houses of worship. Read on for landmark 10 religious places and temples in Los Angeles.

Koyasan Buddhist Temple

This place is like visiting a Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Here many visitors focus on food, gifts, and excitement of being in an ethnic community. Little Tokyo is an ethnic community. This place is located on 1st street and is tugged in behind the historic buildings. A nicely designed plaza filled with restaurants and stores, Little Tokyo also includes indoor parking, community center, and theater to have a great with family and friends. The Koyasan Buddhist Temple is part of this community. Many visitors acknowledge people while worshiping and not just enhancing their beauty. 

Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab

The Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is the third-largest in Latin America. Locally it is known as “La Mezquita” (The Mosque) because it is the only mosque in the whole region. The mosque was established on 17 September 1997 and was named after the second Sunni caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. It was beautifully designed by the Iranian architect Ali Namazi, built by the civil engineer Oswaldo Vizcaino Fontalvo, using Italian marble for its construction. It can comfortably accommodate over 1,000 people.

Cathedral of our lady of the angles

3 This is a modern church that has a lot to explore. The parking lot costs $10, and you won’t see any other parking in the whole area. There are many attractions like fountains, small garden areas with statues in one of the regions, an entire space dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and a glass overview area for the freeway. People enjoy some time in a cafe and buy some gifts from the shops. The Cathedral is modern, but, it is huge from inside, There is pop out areas which has paintings, statues, and in another pop out few relics from Saints. It also contains a beautiful gold ornamental framework with figures and also a very pretty 19th Century Presepio. It is worth a visit.

Thien Hau Temple

Thien Hau Temple is the most beautiful buildings you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The shrine is wholly dedicated to the ancient Tao Chinese sea goddess ” Mazu”. Established in the 1980s by a group of traditional Chinese boat people of Vietnam, presented as a thank you to the goddess who guided them to reach the US. The place is beautiful, and the architecture is must-watch things from all. After taking the tour, if you wish to have fun in the parks or cherish some time in meditating. You can learn how to safely store your backpacks in luggage storage downtown Los Angeles on this website.

Our lady queen of angels

5 Moving inside is to see a beautiful nave culminating in an ornate altar area. A ceiling suffused with painted sacred images was a further highlight. It is a small church in the El Pueblo Los Angeles area. The church itself has a beautiful altar with gold framework pictures with the Eucharist. The ceiling of the church is also beautiful and the intricate artwork, with few amazing statues. There is also a courtyard area for shopping for some gift items and confectioneries.

Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

6 Here one can learn about all of this essential information on Los Angeles history by taking a tour of the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. It is currently owned by the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. The first visit will be reserved on Yelp and will consist of a tour from one of the MSA crew members. The journey is free of cost. The tour guides are friendly and will provide all the answers. It will be a delightful experience, having lots of historical details about the building itself and pointing out important architectural features. One can also meditate as long as you wanted in the meditation garden according to the timings i.e., 12-4 pm.

The Lake Shrine

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The Lake Shrine SFR is a Shakti filled gem nestled in the Pacific Palisades. Spring/Summer hours are 10 am to 4:30pm. Bliss out on the beauty, sacred grounds as you stroll around the Lake counting your Blessings and the gift that you are Alive. Meditation and prayer are energized as you refresh your heart and soul. A beautiful and peaceful retreat for relaxing or praying. You can also walk the grounds and enjoy the beauty of the gardens, and nature is relaxing. To enjoy your journey without taking your backups up, you can spot luggage storage downtown Los Angeles and have a delightful experience.

Islamic Center of LA, Southern California

The Islamic Center of LA, Southern California, is a famous masjid and an Islamic center. It serves the greater Los Angeles area, a beautiful mosque also happens to be one of Southern California’s largest mosques. It has facilities for both males and females. From the five daily prayers, the mosque also conducts Quran lessons and Islamic classes. Visited by all multicultural community people who are very active and friendly.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple

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9 It is one of the largest Jewish congregations in Los Angeles. It was designed by architect Abram M. Edelman. Created in the Gothic style traditions by the Oliver Smith Studios of Pennsylvania. The Temple’s peculiar rose windows, which are on the south wall and stained glass windows on the east and west walls. It describes being among the most excellent examples of this art form in the United States. You can hear the Santa Monica Symphony and my first time to this Temple. What a building: so awesome, and you feel like you are back hundreds of years. It nurtures beautiful architecture inside and outside the building. 

Higashi Honganshi Buddhist Temple

10 A beautiful place to visit in downtown Los Angeles. Beautiful temple, courteous and friendly ministers who are willing to show visitors the Temple and answer any questions. Feel free to walk in if you are curious about Buddhism or just want to check out the Temple. They have their own parking lot. They treated me like family. Definitely check out the annual Obon festival, which is always the last weekend of July! It is a beautiful place to visit for mental peace n learn the philosophy of Buddhism, which is the way of life that leads us to a happy lifestyle.

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