How Rich Is the Catholic Church?

Nobody really knows the answer to this question, mainly because the religious groups of the world do not need and are not required to follow the regular accounting and disclosure rules like the rest. To learn what is familiar with this topic, read the rest of this article. Introduction Therefore, Pope Francis is not just … Read more

Why do popes wear red shoes?

Throughout history, the mysteries and stories about the Vatican and popes that resided there have been spreading, and we could always hear new ones. Among the various stories about the popes from the Vatican, we can also hear the ones about the papal shoes that are red. Papal shoes Many people remember Pope John Paul … Read more

Why is Lumen Gentium important?

More than half a century has passed since the Second Vatican Council approved Lumen Gentium, yet it still stays as relevant and important as it was on the day it was passed. The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church is a central document that increased the authority, identity, and the mission of the church. In line … Read more

Who was the first pope?

Saint Peter, one of the Twelve Apostles, is known as the first Bishop of Rome, i.e., the first pope ever. Thus, all popes that came afterward are considered to be his descendants. This number is now higher than 260. Catholic teaching implies that Jesus Christ wanted Saint Peter to have a unique position in the … Read more

How Did the Swiss Guard Start?

Switzerland was not always as wealthy as it is today. In medieval times, people from Switzerland usually went outside of the country to find a job because of the Land of Banks, in that time, was a poor country. In that time, 500 years ago, Swiss mercenaries were well-known soldiers, so the Catholic church decides … Read more