What is the largest church in the world?

Throughout history, various peoples have tried to build shrines and other similar building to various deities and thus express the veneration to them and their religion. This has been present throughout history and it was most prominent in Christianity and from the time when it became recognized as the official religion in the Roman Empire. … Read more

When Was the Vatican Built-Everything You Wanted to Know About Buildings of The Smallest Country in The World

We all know that the Vatican is the smallest state in the world, both in terms of area and population. However, in the Christian world, and above all for Catholics, this country is very important, regardless of its size. First of all, the Pope’s residence is in the Vatican. In addition, in this city-state, there … Read more

Is the Vatican a Country?

To determine if something is its own independent country, there is a list of eight accepted criteria used in this important practice. People are generally not familiar with this and we will explore it in this article. Mainly, we will try to determine if Vatican City is really a country. This tiny state is the … Read more