Is There Crime in Vatican City?

Everyone knows that Vatican City is officially the smallest state in the world. This state-city is one of the most essential places in Christianity and certainly the most important location for the Catholic Church. In the Vatican is the seat of the Holy See and the residence of his Excellency, Pope Francis, as well as … Read more

How Did the Swiss Guard Start?

Switzerland was not always as wealthy as it is today. In medieval times, people from Switzerland usually went outside of the country to find a job because of the Land of Banks, in that time, was a poor country. In that time, 500 years ago, Swiss mercenaries were well-known soldiers, so the Catholic church decides … Read more

Can you live in the Vatican?

The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic Christian Church and the place where the Pope resides. It is the smallest country in the world with a very low population. Regarding the people who live there, they are mostly connected to the Pope or the church in some way. The question is then, can a … Read more