Are the Swiss Guards really Swiss?

Introduction The Swiss Guards of Vatican, in the Italian language known as Guardia Svizzera, is the corps of Swiss-born specially trained soldiers who are responsible for the safety of the Pope inside the walls of Vatican City. They are often called “the world’s smallest army” and they serve as the personal escorts to the pontiff, … Read more

Is There Crime in Vatican City?

Everyone knows that Vatican City is officially the smallest state in the world. This state-city is one of the most essential places in Christianity and certainly the most important location for the Catholic Church. In the Vatican is the seat of the Holy See and the residence of his Excellency, Pope Francis, as well as … Read more

Where Is the Vatican?

The Vatican, or officially Vatican City State, is the last remnant of once powerful Papal States. The term Vatican was in use all the way back to the Roman Republic, denoting the marshy area on the west bank of Tiber, across the ancient city. The area was considered sacred and for a long time it … Read more