Vatican Library

The Vatican Apostolic Library, which is the full title of what is commonly called the Vatican Library, was formally established in 1475. The library itself is, of course, much older, and is one of the oldest libraries in the world. Pope Nicholas V was a known bibliophile and one of his goals for improvement of … Read more

Vatican City Flag

The flag of Vatican City is one of two flags in the world that are square, the other being the flag of Switzerland. It consists of two vertical bands, one yellow and one white. On the center of the white field, there is a symbol consisting of the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the … Read more

A Chronological List of All Popes

If you’ve been wondering who was the first pope of the Catholic Church and how many popes have there been, we’ve got your back. We decided to list all Roman Catholic popes throughout the years. To make things more organized, we ordered the list chronologically. So, you will learn the name of each pope and … Read more