11 Best Christianity Topic Ideas to Write for Your Essay In 2023

If you need some religion essay topics for your essay on Christianity, look no further! This article contains eleven potential topics for you to look at. Take your time, and go through them all. You will find the perfect title for your essay here – there are some interesting ideas.

List of the Great Christianity Topic Ideas

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1. Modern Christianity

Modern Christianity would be the EssayKitchen topic, particularly if you are a beginner. Christianity has changed so much over the 20th century alone that you will always have something to write about. You could write about people turning back to Christianity, people turning to more traditional methods of worship, and more. An essay on this topic has a lot of potentials. If you want an essay that can go nearly anywhere, choose this. Modern Christianity is very complex. There’s a lot of subject matter out there.

2. The Templar Knights

The Templars were a Christian order that flourished during the time of the Crusades. They flourished, and then eventually were destroyed in the early middle ages. Despite them being a defunct organization, the Templars still attract a lot of attention. People read books on them, visit their castles, and overall want to know more about them. Choosing to write an essay on the Templars means that you will have a lot of research and evidence to choose from. It also guarantees an audience for your work.

3. Islam and Christianity

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This essay could degenerate into controversy, so tread carefully. Islam and Christianity are very similar, right down to the inclusion of Christ, although Christ is a prophet to Muslims, not the son of God. Everybody knows that both Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions, so everybody is familiar with the idea of there being many similarities between Islam and Christianity. There are many ways you could approach this topic, which makes it ideal for a compelling essay. If you are writing this type of essay, it’s best to work outwards. Start your research small, and then work from there.

4. Life After Death

Writing about life after death is a good essay because it could potentially allow you to compare Buddhism and Christianity. Buddhism is known for believing in reincarnation. Christianity does not. This opens up a huge amount of writing possibilities. Death comes to us all, and we all have to grapple with our own mortality. This can give you a lot of scopes to work with. What do the two religions teach us about death? What do they teach us that is different from other religions? Death is ubiquitous, which is why we are always interested in learning more about it.

5. The Church and Galileo

Everybody knows who Galileo was. He was the man who proposed the theory of heliocentrism – a theory first put forward by Copernicus which suggested that the earth revolved around the sun rather than the other way around. For this, the church repressed his work and accused him of being a heretic. This topic could give you so many jumping-off points into discussions surrounding the relationship between religion and science, the natural world, and much more. Galileo is a very interesting figure to look at in an essay.

6. The Revelation

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This would make a deeply terrifying essay. Revelation is a book in the Bible that has specifically apocalyptic themes to it. Many cults and prophets have used the imagery over the years. What is interesting about the book of Revelation is that no one quite knows what it refers to. Is it a physical battle? A spiritual one? Has it happened or is it yet to come? These are all excellent questions to consider.

7. The Da Vinci Code: Christian Reactions

Ah, the Da Vinci Code. Everything from the name of the book itself to the plot is suspect, no matter what the author says. Magic Christianity may not be what most people think of when they want to write an essay on Christianity, but this would be an excellent way to bring it up. Lots of people have written about the Da Vinci Code; they’ve written about its ridiculous coincidences and its mistreatment of history. Magic Christianity is a way to stand out from the crowd.

8. Activism and the Church

Churches have always been active within their own particular communities, historically and today. Their activism can stretch from what people would normally consider activism, to living as Christ would within the community. When you write about activism, you can consider other things as well. Consider the Hindu view of human nature versus the Christian one, and how that might affect each religion’s community activism and involvement. The possibilities for writing this essay are endless.

9. Punishment and the Bible

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Punishment and the Bible is another area that is good for comparisons of Christianity and Islam. Take a look at how many countries operate under Sharia law. Now consider how many Western politicians want to bring back punishments based on biblical law. There’s a lot of overlap in what they think! Crime and punishment is an interesting essay topic anyway – you can find a lot to write about if you know where to look. Should we adopt more of the punishments in the Bible? Why or why not?

10. The Contemporary Family Unit and Christian Tradition

The family has always been important to most forms of Christianity. How has that changed in modern times? Now that the nuclear family is no longer mandatory by both law and social custom, where does Christianity fit into things? Has it changed to be relevant to modern life, or is it stuck in the past? How would you change it, or do you think it still works? There is a lot you can say here.

11. The Future of Christianity

This is a topic which you can approach from almost any angle. Look at the churches around you – are they growing or shrinking? What is the future of Christianity? This is a topic where the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity could come up. Buddhism is becoming more and more popular every year. Christianity seems to be suffering the opposite. You can take the future of Christianity any way you want. What do you think will happen here?

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Choose the topic for your essay on Christian topics wisely. A good topic is one you feel like you can write on all day. A bad one will leave you feeling uninspired. Hopefully, you can find something to write about. Christianity is a topic that leads to lots of ideas.

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