7 Must-See Points of Interest in Vatican Museums

If you’re planning to visit the Vatican Museums, get ready for one of the world’s biggest collection of artworks. Since you usually don’t have that much time to see everything there is to see, it can be difficult to choose among all these amazing points of interest. To help you do that, we present you … Read more

The Vatican Museums 3D, Review of the Movie

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Private Vatican Tours 2019

The Vatican may be the smallest country in the world by both size and population (about 1,000 people live on 110 acres), but is also one of the richest in history and as such it has plenty to offer to its visitors. Vatican City is the last remnant of once powerful Papal States, established in … Read more

A Guide for Shopping Vatican Jewelry and Souvenirs

One of the most exciting places on this planet of ours is definitely Rome. A cradle of civilization, a city filled with history, a city so big that you’ll need days and days to explore it. There are so many historical landmarks, touristic attractions, museums that you can visit. And one of the most interesting … Read more