Things to know Before Planning a Holiday Trip to Langhe

Traveling was everyone’s favorite activity. We say it was because, with the onset of the pandemic, tourism went down from the fear caused by the virus. But despite that, travel is allowed, you only need to have a negative test and of course – you need to behave responsibly. It is easy to travel, especially today when the world is globalized and in a very short time and in a simple way you can travel from one end of the world to the other at affordable prices for everyone. Thinking of traveling again? How about a nice trip and sightseeing of the beauties and historical sights of beautiful Italy?

Italy is a country known for its wonderful ice cream, delicious original Italian pizza, wonderful Italian pasta, and of course – irresistible cheese and yellow cheese. Italy is also known for its sparkling and delicious wine because it is considered one of the best wine producers, but also one of the largest exporters of wine. She is also known for being one of the major countries in the world that dictates fashion and its flow, as evidenced by Milan – the fashion center of the world as well as the large number of fashion shows organized here and a large number of fashion brands. coming from this country. This country abounds with small beautiful places that people have not heard of, and yet are worth visiting. One such place is Langhe.

Langhe is a small Italian town located in the hilly part of Italy better known as Providence of Cuneo, Piedmont. Although it does not have a large population, this place is still recognizable in Italy, and the Italians are fighting for its recognition, ie they invest in making this place much more famous and much more visited than it is. There are many reasons, and today we will tell you what you need to know before visiting this place, ie what exactly you should pay attention to that you should visit and do while you are in this small place in Italy. Take a piece of paper and write it down.

There are wonderful wineries, visit one of them – the best and most famous wines come from Europe, especially from the southern parts of Europe. The best wines come primarily from the Mediterranean and the Balkans, but those coming from Italy stand out as top in quality. Italy has a lot to be proud of, it is a large number of awards and recognitions that have been awarded to them in terms of wine production, and as a place with a huge number of awards and recognitions stands out Langhe, the small town we are talking about today. There are a huge number of wineries in this place that date back to before the 18th century, which means that they still operate according to some old standards and rules that give the wine a specific and beautiful taste.

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You have to try the delicious wines that come from this region – as we have already said, this part of Europe is proud of its winemaking principles, but also of the types of wines that are found only in this part of the world. So you can visit one of the small successful wineries and try some of the wonderful varieties of wines that can be found right in the town of Langhe. The specific taste and drinkability of the wine will make you fall in love with it, and with that, you will fall in love with Italy and with this beautiful place that with its warmth lures tourists to it.

Wonderful cheese and yellow cheese are made in Langhe – if you are a fan of beautiful dairy products and if it is very important that they are made in a specific way and in a fairly handmade way, then this place offers you only the best when it comes to cheese. and cheese. They use old ways of processing milk and shaping cheese and cheese pies. If you are a fan of these delicacies then this location is a must-visit, and if you are already planning your visit the restaurants in Langhe can offer you their home and handmade offer which we are sure you will enjoy.

This is the paradise of truffles – lovers of Italian cuisine fall in love with the taste of food, and in part, the taste depends on the ingredients (which are usually of Italian origin). One of the ingredients that are considered crucial in Italian cuisine is mushrooms – Italian truffle is the number one symbol. Do you love truffles? Then Lange is the place for you. This is the truffle paradise. There is no family here that does not grow truffles at home, and many of them are exported abroad where the big elite restaurants are very interested and regularly looking for them. Why look for elite restaurants around the world when you can try the taste in Langhe?

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Here you can try the ideal local pizza made in a wood stove – looking to try a specific Italian pizza, but can not find any pizzeria in your city that makes this specialty in the specific way it should be made? In that case, we think you will have to go to Italy, and not anywhere, but in the small town we are talking about today – it is Langhe. It is one of the only cities in Italy that still has the old way of making and baking pizza in special wood-fired ovens. The baking of the pizza itself gives a more specific taste that distinguishes the pizza itself from all other types of pizzas that are baked in an oven that works on electricity.

Did you get enough reasons and knowledge to go for a walk in Italy? Already in love with this part of the world? Then do not wait and make your reservation. It is up to us to wish you a good time and to be careful in respecting the protocols related to coronavirus protection. Have a nice trip and enjoy the uniqueness of the hospitality offered by the Italian people.

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