What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Rosary Beads?

Talks about religious accessories and symbolics wouldn’t be complete without mentioning rosary beads. Without any doubt, these are some of the most recognizable ones. But it needs to be said that these are much more than beautiful necklaces. Basically, we are talking about a vital tool for understanding religious worship. It needs to be said … Read more

7 Tips to Live a God-Centred Life after Marriage

Your faith doesn’t have to get compromised after your marriage. Likewise, your marriage shouldn’t be a constraint to your faith. Conversely, you should be open to new ideas of faith (within the lines of your comfort) post your marriage. Many people struggle with upholding their faith after they tie-up their lives with their spouse. Be … Read more

5 Tips When Traveling to the Vatican

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Should I Bring Flowers to a Catholic Funeral – 2023 Guide

The answer to this question depends on your relationship to the deceased. If you are a member of the immediate family, funeral flowers in the form of standing sprays, casket sprays, and inside pieces may be expected. Extended family members can also give standing sprays and floral baskets. Grandchildren can give sprays that can be … Read more