Top 3 Destinations For Adventure Travelers

For many adventurous people and those who are adrenaline-fueled – vacation and travel to the desired destination are events that they will remember for a lifetime. Yes, that’s exactly what adventurers crave for.

The adventure is something you will think about every time you choose a new destination. It is something that will change your view of life. If you are curious, eager to learn and explore, and thinking of a new adventure – here is a suggestion. We present you 3 top destinations for adventure travellers.

Tourist Or Adventurer?

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Adventure trips, in particular, will be in demand this year. When saying adventure – people most often think of it as an active vacation, hiking, biking, shark swimming or walking around an active volcano.

Others think of discovering ancient civilisations, visiting museums and pyramids – and some think of exotic trips, safaris and camping. Still, the adventure trip will look the way you want it.

The concept of adventure differs in each of us individually. You don’t always need to be physically active or sleep in the open to experience adventure. All you have to do is find the right thing for you. Before the suggested destinations we will also give you some tips to guide you in choosing your adventure trip.

Adventure Is A Matter Of Thought, Not A Set Of Activities

Being an adventurer is not about doing something crazy or being in an unusual place. It is about doing something that you have not done before. This may not be something special or extreme like your friends may have done – but you are pushing your boundaries and “competing” with yourself and not with others. Adventurous people are curious, so if you want to become one – let your curiosity guide you. Sometimes, it may “turn you to the other side” than everybody else. However, this can sometimes be even more interesting, and it will certainly make your travel experience unique.

Check out for all the best tips on how to plan a trip and make it memorable. The joy of traveling is the freedom to go where you want, stay as long as you like, and have a memorable experience. And if there were one surefire way to ensure that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it would be when curiosity gets the best of us.

So if you’re ready for an adventure — let your curiosity take over.

Keep In Mind The Good And Bad Recommendations

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You should check the opinions of others so that you can prepare for your adventure. Not in the sense of being prepared for every situation – as it would kill every sense of adventure – but more in a sense that helpful tips are always welcome.

Still, keep an eye out for who you “seek” advice from. It is often the case that people read something and think that it’s not worth the visit – and give up even before checking who posted the comment. Before you blindly believe anyone – make sure that it’s not someone who always finds flaws in everything and isn’t happy with anything.

The same goes for positive comments because some people just see everything in a good way. Simply, try to find someone who lists both the positive and negative sides of something – to get a real picture. These are our suggestions for your next adventure…

Urban Adventure – Vatican

The Vatican is certainly one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy and Europe. In addition to being known worldwide as an artistic, political and religious centre, the Vatican is also known for numerous legends and theological controversies. The Pope’s residence is also the epitome of great mysteries, and we present to you only the most intriguing.

The Seat Of The Secrets Of The Roman Popes

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Almost all the mysteries of the Roman Catholic Church are tied to the secret of the Vatican archives. The large church archives are housed in the Vatican Library and are estimated to contain 85 kilometres of bookshelves. According to official information, the archives mainly contain state papers, papal books and letters, including original correspondences between

Michelangelo and Pope Julius II.

However, according to conspiracy theorists, the secret archives contain far more than the files cited by the official Vatican. Some of the interesting relics – which are thought to remain hidden forever in the darkness of church archives – are secular evidence of the existence of Jesus. On such an adventurous trip, you can try to reveal a covenant casket that houses the plates of the Ten Commandments of God, the Holy Grail, and even the authentic cross of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Discover The Grand Mystery of Grand Grimoire

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Grand Grimoire is a book that is supposed to contain detailed magic rituals, as well as the instructions for invoking Satan himself. Conspiracy theorists argue that the book itself has supernatural powers – and that it cannot be burned, torn, and generally destroyed or damaged.

The myth goes so far as to assume that it was written by the Devil himself and contains evidence of biblical miracles – as well as the precise locations of the greatest Christian relics. Guess where the famous Grand Grimoire is allegedly located? Of course – in secret Vatican archives.

Safari In Kenya

If you are a wilderness lover and want a real adventure then this is an unavoidable destination. Each of us wanted to see the Big Five live at least once (at a safe distance). The famous African Big Five is made up of an elephant, a rhino, a buffalo, a lion, and a leopard.

Masai Mara – For the Real Adventurer

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Masai Mara is a National Park in southwestern Kenya. It is one of the most attractive parks in all of Africa. Together with the Tanzanian Serengeti, it is part of the same ecosystem where the world’s most significant and massive animal migrations occur. Here are some tips from on how-to-plan-your-first-safari-vacation.

Private conservative spaces owned by local tribes such as Massai are located around the park’s borders, and they have ceded that space to develop eco-tourism and preserve the environment. According to, besides “Big Five”, other species of animals can also be found in this park, mainly due to migration.

There are also scenes we’ve seen in the documentaries – cheetahs with cubs watching the surroundings and hunt, gnats and zebras trying to cross the Mara River while lurking hungry crocodiles, etc. In this national park, you can find a very large number of other animals such as antelope and gazelles, foxes, and hyenas. In the water, you can find hippos and crocodiles, and the sky is reserved for over 450 species of birds. You have perfect conditions to take your own “National Geographic” photo.

Water In The Middle Of The Desert And Lake Of Pink Flamingos

Lake Turkana, in northern Kenya, is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. It is the largest lake in the desert, reaching a length of 250 kilometres, and owes its jade colour to numerous algae that adorn its surface.

A rare place to see white and black rhino (the most endangered animal species in the world) is Lake Nakuru, which is still famous for the pink flamingos that inhabit it. Water is often not seen because as many as two million flamingos come to feed on algae from its surface. Landscapes in the surrounding area leave visitors breathless.

Cappadocia – Balloon Flight and Turkey’s Colorful View

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Cappadocia is located in Turkey and has been catching the sighs of all visitors for years, with an incredible attraction such as a balloon flight. Because of this, Cappadocia’s landscape is on the UNESCO World Heritage List – and ballooning is a unique experience that attracts hundreds of thousands of adventurers from around the world each year.

Balloon View

The famous Cappadocia balloons attract tourists from all over the world, and the photographs taken on the flight are among the most beautiful memories of travellers. How did this activity become a trademark of this Turkish region? The lava deposits that flowed in these areas in the past, with the influence of strong winds and rain – formed fascinating rock structures, unusual rock formations made of white volcanic ash, and a natural landscape unique throughout the world.

The human hand also left a mark on this place, with the ancient inhabitants of Cappadocia carving the rocks in which they used to create their homes, churches, monasteries and shelters with primitive tools – but today there are various unique restaurants in these places. All this contributed to the unique view of the landscape. This is how the idea of flying in balloons and enjoying a unique scene came about. Balloons have become a great attraction, and the whole experience has been contributed by the fact that the balloon ride in Cappadocia begi

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