7 Amazing Ways Christians can Enjoy Their Beach Holiday

Are you a Christian wondering where to spend your summer holiday? Every beach vacancy is different from the other. You are already imagining the sand bathing and somersaulting on the sandy beach. Well, there’s more to a holiday than the usual picnic, swimming, and building sandcastles.

Once you select your beach destination, you should prepare a bucket list of activities you will partake during the holiday. These activities can include hiring a boat for a sailing tour.

You may be visiting a beautiful beach like Twilight Bay or an iconic beach like Bondi beach. Still, it’s not a guarantee that you will enjoy your holiday. Thus, it would help if you had a thorough preparation.

Know what to pack and what you intend to do during the holiday. You can even pre-plan the meals you’ll take if you go to the beach for a second time. Click here for insights on how to make a holiday enjoyable. Here are some ways to enjoy your holiday on the beach as a Christian:

1. Choose a Beach that’s Right for Your Type of Vacation

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Beaches offer everything you would need for a holiday. However, you won’t find it all on one beach. If you want surfing, you should go to a beach that supports surfing activities. Some beaches have more sand than others.

Some beaches are calm and Christian friendly while others are full of activities and very noisy. Thus, do thorough research on the beaches to ensure they match your principles and desires.

Remember, all beach management set rules and regulations of the activities you can partake. Ensure you have gone through them and check if they will satisfy your holiday urge. There are always other beaches with more relaxed regulations.

However, it’d be wise if you considered your safety while in the ocean. So, ensure the beach you choose has a well-trained lifeguard on duty.

2. Pack Fun Outfit

It’s hard to find people on the beach during summer. People prefer warmer seasons for beach activities. Thus, you should trash that jeans and tee. Pack some fun outfits that would be enough for the entire holiday. Swimsuits, rompers, beach coverups are some of the clothing items a lady would need. You can also add some booty pants, floppy hats, sandals, etc.

All the outfits should have material that will not embarrass you when wet. We can’t hide the fact that many people have body parts they feel insecure about. Ensure your outfit will cover that part so that you maintain your high confidence levels before getting a boat for the sea tour.

Besides the fun outfits, you won’t want to find yourself stuck under the shade. The sun at the beach is unforgiving. Thus, pack enough sunscreen before you find yourself with severe sunburns. Also, have some sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright sun rays.

3. Enjoy the Ocean

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The number one reason you choose a beach for a holiday is to enjoy the ocean. Many beach hotels will have a pool by the beach. Some people choose the pool for various reasons. Maybe they have a phobia for large water bodies. But who wouldn’t love some adrenaline rush?

If you don’t want to swim in the ocean, there are other tons of things you can do along the beach. You can go splashing in the ocean, make sandcastles with wet sand, write your name on the sand, and participate in beach games and dances. If you love calm and relaxing environments, then you can do some beach yoga to find your zen.

4. Find Ways to Relax

The sole reason people go on holidays is to escape the chaotic life and create time to relax. As parents with young kids, you need some time off the parental roles – no one else will give you some time off but yourselves.

Maybe you are used to waking up early. Do not force yourself to stay in bed and be bored; you can walk to the balcony and enjoy the calm. You may even watch the sunrise if your room’s window faces the east. If it faces the west, then you can wait for the sunset in the evening.

Take views and document them as photos. Make new friends and hang out with them; Have stories of different lives in different cities. You can also relax by the pool near the beach and read your favorite book. Or else, hire a boat from Yarra River Cruises and try a sailing tour. While on the beach, you can never run out of ideas of ways to relax.

5. Try New Foods

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Make sure you treat yourself well during a vacation. Order some new foods and try them out. If you are afraid of public embarrassment, then you can choose room service over the restaurant. Try as several new foods as you can afford.

Your choice of restaurant determines the available foods. Try out some different cuisine that matches your Christian values. If you want to go spicy, then you can research beforehand. However, you should know your allergies and avoid foods that can lead to poisoning.

6. Keep Your Expectations on Check

You should keep in mind that it’s impossible to do everything in one holiday. Thus, keep your expectation low as you try to do much of the activities you desire. When planning, have flexible expectations. Rigid and unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments.

Instagram photos look flashy and posh. You may find your hotel room smaller than you expected. Also, some physical features may not be as beautiful as they look on Instagram. Keep in mind that they were taken with professional cameras and edited to suit the gram.

7. Go with the flow

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Some things may fall out of your expectations to keep your happy holiday mood intact. You should flow with the flow. You may find it more fun doing things you didn’t plan. Always be ready before anything may go wrong.

When packing your holiday items, pack some painkillers and other emergency drugs. You never know when you might ingest something that will keep you in the bathroom for hours.

The mishaps may make you connect with the beach more honestly. You may notice the friendliness of the attendant that you may not notice in typical scenarios.


Beach holidays are the most exciting vacations one can have as a Christian. There are endless activities you can participate in. Also, you have a chance to tease your adrenaline with some beach games. The sea breeze helps you to relax your nerves and calm your mind. So, it is a perfect place to retreat for a Christian group or peers.

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