8 Most Beautiful Catholic Churches in Germany You Should Visit

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? For many people, it may be sitting on the beach and soaking up some sun. Others might want to take in the local culture and experience new foods. We recommend visiting one of Germany’s most beautiful Catholic Churches, but if you’re looking for something extraordinary. Learn more here to know how to prepare for the trip and speak at least essential German.

1. Mainz Cathedral


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The Mainz Cathedral is a 1000-year-old building widely considered one of Germany’s finest examples of Romanesque architecture. It has six towers and an impressive height, making it easy to see why this particular Church earned such accolades from those who have seen its beautiful exterior over the years. The Cathedral Museum might be the perfect place for you to learn more about this great Cathedral. With its history as an important social, political and religious center, it has left its mark on Coventry forever.

2. Berlin Cathedral

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The Berlin Cathedral, with its immense and strikingly ornate dome topped by a lantern and four domed towers flanking it; this iconic landmark of the German capital’s skyline has an unbeatable harmony in architecture drawing from Italian High Renaissance style as well Baroque elements. The interior is a symphony of gray and white marble. The octagonal altar stands out from the rest, with the intricately carved figure that commands your attention to take it all in-the striking mosaics on either side of you or above as well as intricate sculptures dotting every inch around this sacred space.

3. Aachen Cathedral

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It is one of the most ancient buildings in the area and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Center for its immense historical importance. The architecture has stood the test of time to make it visually pleasing and religious significance, which makes this structure an important landmark not only within Aachen but throughout all other countries where tourists may visit.

The Cathedral of Aachen, built by Charlemagne around 805 AD as the nucleus of his kingdom and coronation spot for emperors over six centuries later, is a treasure trove not found anywhere else in Europe. Preserved within these walls are priceless sculptures from ancient Greece, and Rome mixed with Christian artworks, which make up most of its worth today – making it a fantastic place that should be seen while you can still visit.

4. Our Blessed Lady Church

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The Church defines the bustling city of Munich and can be spotted from far away. The elegant building was created out of reddish brick in Gothic style during medieval times; it is a fantastic example of how architecture has evolved.

The reconstruction of this Church was completed by 2000 AD as a country that suffered heavily during World War II. You will be enamored with precious artwork and stained glass windows, among others that make up for its beautiful interior design, as well as ten bells that are known to have great resonance.

5. Pilgrimage Church of Wies

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The Pilgrimage Church of Wies (Wieskirche) is one of the most famous churches in Germany. The architecture here has an oval shape, making it very unique and eye-catching to passersby on this renowned Romantic Road that stretches across Bavaria with the Alps towering at each side.

The Church was so successful at curing ailments and granting wishes that it soon became one of the most famous churches in all Europe. The pilgrimage attracted people from near and far, but not just for spiritual reasons: they wanted cures too. Beautiful frescoes were added to enhance this sacred space while making it more than worth visiting by any pilgrim who came through town on their way anywhere else, including artists like Michelangelo himself (who-surprise!).

6. Ulm Minster

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The Ulm Minster is a trove of Gothic architecture in Europe, and its steeple clocks in at the tallest church tower around – 161.5 meters / 530 feet high. It took many years to build, but it was worth every minute when you consider all that there is inside: intricately carved oak choir stalls, life-like sculptures, and splendid stained glass windows.

The climb to the top of this one is anything but easy. Seven hundred sixty-eight steps later, and you will be rewarded with an unbeatable view, as well as some time for reflection on your journey (or lack thereof).

7. Dresden Church of Our Lady

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The Church of Our Lady stands as a symbol for remembrance in the city of Dresden. The massive structure was hit hard during World War II, but now it shines with a beauty that will always last after emerging from its ashes at the end of WWII. The creators relied on old photographs and documents to create architectural wonder. They even used a lot of material salvaged from ruins to do this.

8. Cologne Cathedral

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The Cologne Cathedral stands alone when it comes to cathedrals in Germany. This stunning Gothic Church is a World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places on German soil by visitors from all over Europe who marvel at its grandeur with awe-inspiring spires soaring up into heaven. Intricate carvings are adorning exterior walls and interior halls that tell stories about Jesus Christ’s life long before our time. These things make this place no less than an architectural feast for your eyes. Visitors’ entry to the Cathedral is free, but guided tours of its excavations, roof, and treasury are also offered.

Final Thoughts

Hop on your next flight to Germany if you are a Christian or enjoy visiting churches worldwide. We have created this helpful guide to experience some of the most beautiful churches in Germany. You will be able to visit Cathedrals from all over Europe, learn more about each one’s history, and see photos of what it looks like inside.

One thing we love about these German Churches is how they offer free admission for anyone – regardless if you’re Catholic or not. That is why pack your things and go to the Churches!

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