Best Places To Stay In Vatican City

Rome is a place of intrigue, alternatively known as the Eternal City, the capital of Italy waits for you, with unbelievable amounts of culture and cuisine, all for you to enjoy and devour. With its rich history where it rises and falls multiple times, its charm has only grown ever since and has not faded yet, several centuries later.

The Rich Heritage

As of common knowledge, Rome was formerly a powerful center of the Roman state, proven boldly by the numerous monuments spread out across its span. Some monuments you should notice include the Roman Colosseum, the Forum, and Palatine Hill. Being popular all over the world, these three hotspots are covered by almost every package tour you might come across as you plan your trip.

However, it is highly recommended that you explore on your own, via bikes or hikes, if you are blessed with the time and resources. This is very fruitful, especially in towns like the Vatican, where you can come across unique streets and cultural icons inaccessible to cars and heavy vehicles.

What makes the Vatican so unique?


Despite being the smallest country in the world, the Vatican has many opportunities to explore. Some of the major tourist attractions in this petit country include the following.

  1. The Vatican Museum
  2. Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s work
  3. St.Peter’s Basilica
  4. Civitavecchia

Staying in the Vatican

Vatican City is also known among travelers for its trustworthy and luxurious hotel options for anyone seeking refuge, solo or with family.

Technically an independent country, the Vatican is a concentrated hub of Rome’s main attractions and terminals. The city itself is awestricking, with the added quirks of the hilly mounds and the historic tokens spread out within. This might make it challenging to decide upon a place to stay, with the added factors of pricing and safety.

To make a list concise for you, several reliable operators and travel assistants like cozycozy can compare and provide all available options with their ratings and reviews across different platforms in one place.

What to Look for


If you are planning a short visit to the city of the Vatican, choosing a space close to the transport hubs would be preferable. This would apply if you either arrive or depart at untimely hours or wish to commute to nearby towns regularly. Our recommendation would be to stay within reach of the Termini Train Station.

When pondering where to stay in Rome for a brief sojourn, consider the convenience of proximity to transport hubs such as the Termini Train Station for optimal accessibility and seamless exploration.

Our top recommendations for hotels near the Termini Station: arranged price-wise

St. Regis (Luxury)

Located at the sweet spot of the city, a scenic 15-minute walk from the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, and the via Condotti, it is a deluxe hotel offering a historic yet luxurious stay for you in the Vatican.

The hotel also provides the comfort of traditional cuisine, a soothing spa, and a health club with state-of-the-art interiors worth your admiration. With a wide range of room options and varieties to meet your needs, this hotel could be the perfect choice if you wish for a luxurious and leisurely stay with royal treatment in a historic Roman way.

Hotel Des Artistes

A traditional family-run hotel close to the Castro Pietro Metro Station, this is a very soulful living space with a rooftop terrace and a comforting conventional design. The hotel is close to the National Library and the Umberto Primo Hospital, thus ensuring extended bus links throughout the day across Rome.

Popular properties near the Vatican City


For anyone venturing into the beautiful spread of Rome for the first time, figuring out safe yet secure options for accommodation might be hectic. Vatican City is also known for its boutique hotels which are a sight for sore eyes. Here are a few note-worthy stay options for you to consider in and around Vatican City.

Relais Vatican View

As the name suggests, the hotel is within the vicinity of the four top priority spots of the city mentioned earlier. This is one of the critically acclaimed hotels in the city, especially among shopaholics and history buffs, as it is very close to the National Museum and the shopping districts.

Residenza Paolo VI

This hotel is directly on St.Peter’s Square, a one-of-a-kind. Operating over an ancient Augustinian monastery, the museums and the Sistine chapel are within walking distance, not to mention the mesmerizing private courtyard within the property.

Eccelsio Hotel

If you are someone who would prefer a quiet and peaceful vacation to rejoice and rejuvenate, you are in for a win here. With perfectly soundproofed rooms in a relatively quiet part of town, the Eccelso hotel in Prati can easily block out any noise from the bars on the streetwalk.

This boutique hotel, though separated from the noisy neighborhood, is surprisingly close to St.Peter’s Square and the Vatican museums.

Starhotels Michelangelo


This renowned four-star hotel in Rome flaunts its luxurious lineup of royal rooms with an artistic view of the Dome St Peter’s and a complimentary breakfast spread resembling royalty.

Hotel Sant’Ana Roma

One might be pleasantly surprised that getting yourself a quaint little place in the Vatican provides you with the best possible access to almost all the essential landmarks of Rome.

A historic yet comfy building that dates back to the 1550s, the Hotel Snat’Ana Roma would be a perfect yet cozy abode for you to unwind in after a hectic day of exploring the city.


Many travel experts say a trip to Rome is only justifiably good when you have a clear-cut plan. This is because the vast place has activities, monuments to study, and exploration trails. Hence, it is best to devise a perfect itinerary covering all the areas that interest you. A happy go-with-the-flow approach may hinder your experience as an explorer, but good if you are planning an extended relaxing vacation.

If you think you need a stronger suit than planning vacations and division itineraries, worry not, for we have a wide range of pre-planned tour guides for you. These plans figure out almost every aspect of your trip, allowing you to enjoy the place and what it offers.

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