Why is May the Month of Mary?

When God sent Archangel Gabriel with a message to Mary saying she would have a son, Mary asked how this could be possible as she was a virgin. Gabriel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and God’s power will rest on you”. Mary had only one reply, “I am the Lord’s servant”. Although … Read more

Philia Love vs Agape Love

If we had to choose one word, one thing, one feeling that was and will forever be the greatest inspiration for almost all the things that matter in life, that word would undoubtedly be love. It is something that moves us, something we search for our entire life. Since the beginning of our time on … Read more

4 Things To Know Before Joining The Clergy

The call to raise and promote spiritual enlightenment has increased over the years and will likely continue to be so. Many have observed an increasing number of individuals who are losing their religious affiliation and describe their religious identity as a non-believer, agnostic, or ‘nothing in particular.’ Can you just imagine the amount of spiritual … Read more