How Does Art Relate To Spirituality And Religion?

Art had an incredibly big impact on spirituality and religion throughout the whole history. This counts both for individuals and their own expressions as well as for different ideologies of the folks.

When we go back to primitive societies, we can notice that their way of living and every segment of their lives was related to art. Their everyday life was linked to hunting, procreation, agriculture, nature, and healing. Whatever they experienced in real life they painted on caves, so now their painting is the representation of their daily activities. People also connected with nature and with their Gods and believes through art. Since that time, art and spirituality were changed through different forms. However, the crucial thing remained always the same – people needed to express their spirituality and philosophy of life in some way.

The Connection between art and spirituality and religion


If you are wondering why art was a connection with the spirituality of the people, the answer is pretty simple – inspiration. People express their understanding of existence and life believes through different forms of art. They needed a way to manifest their feelings and thoughts. Logically, whichever gave them inspiration from the things that surrounded them, they wanted to express it in this amazing way. What makes the art so marvelous is the fact that there are so many different pieces of artwork that are created with different techniques and styles. However, the style and form of art were usually related by the society and the ideologies that the artist is part of. We can see that primitive societies used art to connect themselves with religion. However, over some time, people used art to express their own spiritual individuality and thoughts.

In Pre-modern Times

It is true that religion and spirituality have made the deepest impact on art throughout whole history. We can see the result of these statements through many different attempts of the individuals and folks to express their beliefs through art pieces. Ancient Egyptians used to draw different paintings in the caves. They draw the things that were consecrated and infinitive for them. In Renaissance art, we can see the representation of the ruling ideologies of that period. A very interesting fact is that even in ancient times, people treated art like something that has to be learned and studied. Also, some artists were very appreciated by people. However, when we look back, we can notice that all cultures worship some divine beings and spiritual leaders. Therefore, it is very obvious how religious themes were important for people at any period of time.

In the Modern Era


One thing that distinguishes art in the modern era from all previous ones is the fact that it has become completely independent. This means that social ideologies and beliefs did not have so much impact on the art pieces. Instead, artists expressed their own personal ideologies and spiritual themes. They had the freedom to leave visualization of reality and find the inspiration in things that motivates them individually. Most of you probably heard how modern art is characterized as an abstract concept. Therefore, art was very complex in that period and completely independent when we take into consideration how previous art was reflected by social beliefs. In fact, no one influenced art creation in this period.

When we look at today’s art, we can notice that artists have become an even more relevant factor than the crafting of art in the first place. This is clear proof of understanding the sense of art and its place in today’s society.

How has technology influenced art?

Unfortunately, we can notice that craftsmanship is very ignored nowadays since the technology developed. Modern technology had a big impact on art and made the completely new form of it that is spread worldwide. With computers, videos, photography, telecommunication – art became digital. Moreover, it became something that can be expressed with buttons. New forms of art are pretty much related to business. In fact, businesses are using it for marketing purposes.

Did we forget about the real art purpose?


The piece of art has always been the direct transmission of the artist’s inspiration and his enlightenment into the mind of the viewer. The artist’s creation influenced spiritually on the people. The goal of the art was achieved that the viewer experiences the same inspiration and passion while watching the art. This is a true accomplishment of the artist. And by definition, this is the true origin and purpose of art. Unfortunately, this form of art is neglected by most people nowadays. Everyone forgot about the importance of different art pieces. We are so occupied with technology that we forget to appreciate true art pieces that we can touch. However, there are really incredible creations that we should look after. Especially if that piece of art carries with itself some spiritual message.

Does anyone maintain spirituality and religion in the art form?

Since the digital world overtook art expression and converted it into a new form like we previously mentioned, it is very important to ask does anyone now still preserves the true physical religious art spirit. We did a little research about that topic and we find out that there is still someone who appreciates the spiritual physical art even today where priorities are changed. We find out that promotes spirituality in an incredibly modern way through different art sculptures. They achieved one very amazing thing – they manage to connect the modern era with spiritual touch which people will adore at first sight. They created so many different products such as figurines, statues, sacred clothes, candles, sculptures that reflect religion in a new way. Therefore, if you are a spiritual and religious person and you wanted to find some items which would enrich and improve your interior in the spiritual style, you can check their site and find something for your taste. Despite that, you can even consider purchasing something for your spiritual friend or family member that will appreciate this form of a gift.

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