4 Different Types of Christian Prayers

Finding things to believe in is often difficult and not everyone feels the same about the greater things in life and the forces that may be guiding us forward. Something greater that exists beyond the veil of what we humans can see is said to exist and that is the basis for most religions of the world.

The 8 billion people on the planet have numerous different major and minor religions they are a part of with many subdivisions and internal differences too. The unique thing about them is that most of them dictates that there is something bigger than ourselves, or rather someone and that they guide us, help us, give meaning and explanation to many things in life and then wait for us in the end.

Religion as a concept is too complicated and diverse in a single article and too old and diverse to even begin to dissect. Something that has existed for thousands of years in many different shapes and forms cannot really be talked about quickly and it is never a light read. But that is not the point of this article either. Here, we explore but one religion, Christianity, and talk about some of the different types of prayers that exist.

Moreover, you will be able to learn about what the most important things about these prayers really are. It does not matter if you are a deeply religious person or someone who wants to know more about religion. You may currently need some divine guidance and knowledge and citing prayers and learning their meanings seem like the thing to do. Keep on reading to find out more.

About Prayers

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There are numerous different prayers that exist in Christianity and they are recited or simply thought about at different moments and times. Categorizing them can be challenging because of the sheer amount and diversity, but most people want to know about them in the sense of when and why they are recited and what they can help with.

In this article, we are examining the most common and popular prayers that Christians recite during average days in their lives as well as on special occasions and situations. Religion is not strict and there is not a bad time to pray, nor can you say the wrong prayer. Believing in it and being honest about your goals is the key. The rest will come and take care of itself.

1. The Good Luck Prayer

Wishing we had more good luck in our lives is something all of us have done, and yet we can never be sure whether something is guiding us towards it or if it is random. It can be a matter of earning good luck, but there could also be some causality in it. Whatever the case may be, a good luck prayer certainly cannot hurt. It is among the most widely recited types of prayers that people call for in times of need.

Whenever one can benefit from a little bit more of good luck than usual, they reach for a prayer that is supposed to bring it. We all need good luck in life, particularly before an important moment and something that decides our future. Try out a prayer for good luck and who knows, maybe it will come your way exactly when you need it. Make sure to learn more about good luck prayers by checking out prayerist.com.

2. The Prayer for Good Health

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Right up there wanting good luck is the basic human need for good health and general well-being. Praying for our health and wanting ourselves to remain healthy is as natural as things get because without health one cannot really expect to do anything else. From ancient times people understood how prevalent being and remaining healthy is. Therefore, as religions changed and adapted, praying for good health for yourself and your loved ones remained important and never lost traction.

This type of prayer is definitely one of the most popular ones and people recite it both when in good and in bad health. Sick people are the ones who pray the most, but people whose loved ones are suffering also reach for prayers in those hard and desperate times. Even with terminal illnesses and long recovery periods, it is enough to pray for a bit at least for some peace of mind and a boost of belief.

3. Blessings

A special type of prayer in Christianity is a blessing where you ask God, Jesus, and/or the Saints to bless someone or something and give it/them divine, holy protection. Blessing ne newlyweds, newborns, a large life-changing purchase like a new home or a car, it is basically a good luck charm in the shape of a spiritual and religious word. The blessing is supposed to help whatever is being prayed for years to come, to shine a light on, guide it, and protect it from evil.

Blessings are not the same as good luck prayers because they are more like protection for a single thing or development, whereas a good luck blessing is more comprehensive and universal. Anything and anyone can be blessed and these prayers usually involve asking the higher powers and religious figures to do it in a prayer that combines asking politely and religiously begging.

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4. Vows (Pledges)

Promising someone that you will do something either once or for the rest of your life is called a vow and it is another type of Christian prayer. Prayers of vows or vowing is essentially making a strong promise that somehow bonds you with the other person or with God or Jesus. The strength to do it as well as the help and guidance will come from them and help you on your mission to fulfill what you vowed to do.

Prayers of vows can be personal like vowing never to drink or smoke again, to abstain from sex, to like a certain righteous way, or to fast before or during a religious holiday. Wedding vows are also an example of this, but they are not always deeply religious in nature. Vows can also be described as pledges to the divine and holy and should be taken seriously. Constantly vowing something and never doing it makes no sense and it is not considered a true Christian prayer or a vow.

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