What Currency Do They Use In The Vatican?

One of the most fascinating aspects of touring around Europe is that each nation has its own distinct culture. After a few hours of traversing through, you will find yourself in a completely new country that has a whole different type of currency. Many European nations use the euro as their currency, but others have … Read more

Color Usage in The Catholic Liturgical Year

In Catholic worship, the sense of sight, particularly color, is very significant. The colors of a Catholic priest’s vestments alert the faithful that special occasions are approaching. The Origin The early Christians had no code of colors linked with the seasons, and the Eastern churches have no norms or customs in this regard to this … Read more

4 Mental Health Lessons from Christianity

It has sometimes been said, as a negative critique, that religion is “a crutch.” I’ve never quite understood that rationale. Life has a way of bringing us to our knees. Whether from personal experience or a survey of the headlines on any given day, I know this to be true—so crutches can come in handy. … Read more